Starstyle® Continuing Education Materials from Cynthia Brian


Be the Star You Are! Book Be the Star You Are! for TEENS Be the Star You Are! Musical CD (with original songs by Frankie Laine) The Business of Show Business (NEW!) (available as an E-Book for $25.95) Miracle Moments® (gift book of quotes) Chicken Soup for the Gardener’s Soul book $9.95 plus $.85 tax= $10.80 $14.95 plus $1.25 tax =$16.20 $19.95 plus $1.75 tax=$21.70 $15.95 plus $1.35 tax=$17.30 $17.95 plus $1.80 tax+$19.75 $9.95 plus $.85 tax=$10.80

Chicken Soup for the Gardener’s Soul book-FIRST EDITION-Collectible $27.00 plus $230 tax =$29.30 Chicken Soup for the Gardener’s Soul CD Chicken Soup for the Gardener’s Soul tape $11.95 plus $1.05 tax=$13.00 $9.95 plus $ .85 tax= $10.80

Be the Star You Are! Tapes (Set of 4 tapes from workshops) Dream it! Do it! (one tape) How to Host Your Own Radio/TV Show CD Beating Business Burnout VIDEO TAPE or DVD Beating Business Burnout CD A Pirate's Life for ME DVD (one hour) Radio Interview CD's White T-shirts with Be the Star You Are!® Black Tank Top with Be the Star You Are!® $14.95 plus $1.10 tax=$16.05 $13.00 $15.00 $9.95 plus $.85 tax=$10.80 $11.95 plus $1.05 tax=$13.00 $49.99 plus $4.24 tax=$54.23 $15.95 plus $1.35 tax=$17.30 $44.95 plus $3.94 tax=$48.89

Discounts available for premium, case, fund-raiser, and quantity sales CASH, CHECKS, VISA OR MASTERCARD ACCEPTED. SHIPPING ADD $5.00 FOR FIRST PRODUCT, $3.00 FOR EACH EXTRA PRODUCT SHIPPED WITHIN THE USA. International, rates to be quoted. Ask for rates for full cases. BUY $100 OR MORE AND RECEIVE A FREE GIFT!
Make checks out to: STARSTYLE® PRODUCTIONS, LLC PO BOX 422 MORAGA, CA. 94556 925-377-7827

ORDER FORM: NAME OF BOOKS/TAPES/CD’S:________________________________________ NUMBER WANTED of each:___________________________________________ AUTOGRAPHED TOWHOM___________________________________________ SHIP TO:_____________________CITY____________STATE_______ZIP______ BILL TO: VISA____MASTERCARD______ CHECK:_____ CREDIT CARD NUMBER______________________EXP.______ PHONE NUMBER____________________EMAIL__________________________:

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