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Health Harmony e

Health Harmony e

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Published by: E-gurukul on Jan 02, 2010
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The mystery of blood remains to be solved by the
researchers of medicine. It should receive increasing at-
tention by all who are concerned with disease, health
and healing. The blood stream as also the centres or
plexus, require greater attention. Their physiological
effects need to be studied. When the centres are all
properly developed, organized and directed, the energy
which they receive from the surroundings is distributed
into the physical organism. This is an important factor
presently overlooked. The distribution is through the
blood stream while the reception of energies is through
the glandular plexus.
The blood stream is thus the agent of the glandular
system. It is therefore the effect of the glandular system.
The glandular working and its effect is transmitted to eve-
ry part of the body by the blood stream. The blood stream
thus brings certain essential elements which are known
so little today, which are responsible for making man
physiologically what he is, and which are also respon-
sible for the status of the physical body and its control.


The glands receive essential elements and the blood
distributes. The diseases can be either from ineffective
reception of elements by the glands or from ineffective
distribution by the blood stream. The blood stream
also carries life. The life energy, coupled with glandu-
lar energy, penetrates the entire body and radiates into
the arteries, the veins and the capillaries. If the centres
do not function, the energy runs wild, becomes over-
active and gets misdirected. This causes the related dis-
eases in the related region.
An open-minded investigator may regard the possi-
bility of the presence of the etheric centres behind the
glands and may make investigations. Such an open-
mindedness will give far more rapid progress. An intel-
ligent investigator may pick up the task of studying the
effects of the glands by accepting this as hypothesis. A
proper study of ductless glands and of the blood stream
will reveal the causes of paramount importance, which
form the basis for the physical difficulties. Slowly the
investigator will be led to the inevitability of the exist-
ence of the etheric centres. This will lead to inclusion
of the subjective nervous system (nadis). This inclusive
study will throw open the factors that are responsible
for the major diseases and for obscure elements that
plague humanity today. Ayurveda is one medical sys-
tem that recognizes the nadis up to date.


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