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Health Harmony e

Health Harmony e

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Published by: E-gurukul on Jan 02, 2010
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From ancient times in Himalayas there has been
a simple way of healthy living. A short pranayama
(breathing exercise) in the morning, not longer than 5
minutes, intake of vegetables, fruits, milk and cereals,
an appropriate footwear while moving, a positive atti-
tude of mind to receive the events of the day form part
of the daily routine. Meat, wines and opium are seen
as enemies to health. Many till date follow this dietary
system in the remote valleys of the Himalayas. These
simple mountain dwellers have much better health
than the citizens of global cities and towns.
Among the vegetables, asparagus, celery and garlic
are particularly avoided. They are considered as medi-
cines and are used when there is disturbance to health.
Exposure to sunlight, bathing in river streams, drink-
ing spring water, sitting around fireplaces, are also part
of daily life to have better psychic energy.
It is common knowledge among the people in these
valleys, and they distinguish nature with its vegetation
as life giver, preserver, restorer and even as destroyer.


They tend to use nature’s products in all these four di-
rections, as per the hour of need.
One can easily strengthen the action of a vegeta-
ble substance by increasing the metalization of the
soil. These dwellers of the mountains know the related
technique and cultivate.
Much knowledge of health and healing exists even
today in such valleys, which is useful for scientific
study and for simple curative techniques. Sometimes
we need to be simpler to find solutions to complicat-
ed cures. Many times better health goes in association
with simple and natural living. May the scientific age
lead humanity towards simplicity.


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