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To avoid over speed

This relay is necessary when
MHG is in service but kept in
operation when EHG controls

Upon action, HPCV & IPCV are

closed completely for 1.4 sec

Load throw off more than 50%
rated load
Remaining load less than 20 %
of rated load
Frequency more than 49 hz

LRR measures electrical load

rejections of the generator
Any load rejection is acquired
instantaneously by LRR and
transformed to an electrical

This pulse energizes two SOVs

One sov connects aux sec oil to
drain causing a rapid closure of

Second sov connects IPCV sec

oil to drain
This close IPCVs faster than
first sov action (due to its
hydraulic characteristics)

IP Trimming device
During sudden load throw off,
HP cvs will close immediately to
control the load while IP cvs are
wide open

IP &LP share max load out of

the balance load
Causes HPT exh pr & temp to

To contain HPT exh temp

trimming device is provided

HP exh pr

- 32

Generator load < 20 % of rated


While trimming device is in

operation ,IP control valves are
closed and not tend to open
unless HP controls are opened