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Core Competency 5-10

Mia Goodman

Core Competency 5
Advance human rights and social and economic justice
5.1 Understand the forms and mechanisms of oppression and
I see this happening a lot in the school system. Especially interning and
working at a low-income schools. It is important to understand all
things that have effects on the kids.
5.2 Engage in practices that advance social and economic justice

Understanding and coming up with ways to help students that are

oppressed and discriminated against.

Core Competency 6
Engage in research-informed practice and practice informed research
6.1 Use practice experience to inform scienctifc inquiry
Using tools such as power school allows me to become familiar with the
demographics and area.
6.2 Use practice research evidence to inform practice
Using power school also gives me information which allows me to
target at risk students when it comes to drop out rates and attendance.

Core Competency 7
Apply knowledge of human behavior and the social
7.1 Utilize conceptual frameworks to guide the processes of
assessment, intervention, and evaluation

I use the tools provided by my agency

7.2 Critique and apply knowledge to understand persona and
Taking further action after having exhausted after tools by using
previous knowledge

Core Competency 8
Engage in policy practice to advance social and economic wellbeing and to deliver effective social work services.
8.1 Analyze, formulate, and advocate for policies that advance social well-being.
For example at my agency a Hispanic student felt it was important to have a Hispanic
heritage month program the same we do for Native American and African American
Students. Going out of my way to advocate and help change this for her.
8.2 Collaborate with colleagues and clients for effective policy action

Bringing in my colleagues from the ground up on ideas like this in order to have the
stability and support in order to make things happen.

Core Competency 9
Respond to context that shape practice.
9.1 Continuously discover, appraise, and attend to changing locales,
populations, scientific and technological development, and emerging
societal trends to provide relevant services.

It is important to keep up with the latest news in order to remain up to

date in an ever changing society.
9.2 Provide leadership in promoting sustainable changes in service
delivery and practice to improve the quality of social services.
Ensure that I am offering clients the best services.

Core Competency 10
Engage, assess, intervene, and evaluate with individuals, families, groups,
organizations, and communities.
10.1 Substantively and affectively prepare for action with individual families, groups,
organizations, and communities
10.2 Use empathy and other interpersonal skills.

It can be easy to use sympathy instead of empathy but what the clients really need is
empathy in order to improve
10.3 Develop a mutually agreed-on focus of work
Ensure that everyone working for the agency has the same main goal

10.4 Collect, organize, and interpret client data

If you did not write it down it did not happen. Make sure you collect accurate data and
you ask lots of questions in order to make sure the information is interpreted correct.

Core Competency 8 Cont.

10.5 Assess client strengths and limitations

10.6 Develop mutually agreed-on intervention goals and objectives

Allowing the clients to make decisions and agree on goals to meet. Bring them in on this process so
they are more likely to stick with it.
10.7 Select appropriate intervention strategies

Research your clients problems to ensure you can better serve the clients
10.8 Initiate actions to achieve organizational goals
10.9 Implement prevention interventions that enhance client capacities
10.10 Help clients resolve problems
10.11 Negotiate, mediate, and advocate for clients
10.12 Facilitate transitions and endings.