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Statistical Process Control 5E

Statistical Process Control 5E

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Evan and Hamble manufacture shampoo which sells as an own-label brand in
the Askway chain of supermarkets. The shampoo is made in two stages: a
batch mixing process is followed by a bottling process. Each batch of
shampoo mix has a value of £10000, only one batch is mixed per day, and this
is sufficient to fill 50000 bottles.
Askway specify that the active ingredient content should lie between 1.2 per
cent and 1.4 per cent. After mixing, a sample is taken from the batch and
analysed for active ingredient content. Askway also insist that the net content of
each bottle should exceed 248ml. This is monitored by taking 5 bottles every
half-hour from the end of the bottling line and measuring the content.

(a)Describe how you would demonstrate to the customer, Askway, that the
bottling process was stable.

194Other types of control charts for variables

(b)Describe how you would demonstrate to the customer that the bottling
process was capable of meeting the specification.
(c)If you were asked to demonstrate the stability and capability of the mixing
process how would your analysis differ from that described in parts (a)
and (b).


(a)Using data comprising five bottle volumes taken every half-hour for, say,
40 hours:

(i)calculate mean and range of each group of 5;
(ii)calculate overall mean (X) and mean range (R);
(iii)calculate = R/dn;
(iv)calculate action and warning values for mean and range charts;
(v)plot means on mean chart and ranges on range chart;
(vi)assess stability of process from the two charts using action lines,
warning lines and supplementary rules.

(b)Using the data from part (a):

(i)draw a histogram;
(ii)using n–1from calculator, calculate the standard deviation of all 200
(iii)compare the standard deviations calculated in parts (a) and (b),
explaining any discrepancies with reference to the charts;
(iv)compare the capability of the process with the specification;
(v)Discuss the capability indices with the customer, making reference to
the histogram and the charts. (See Chapter 10.)

(c)The data should be plotted as an individuals chart, then put into arbitrary
groups of, say, 4. (Data from 80 consecutive batches would be desirable.)
Mean and range charts should be plotted as in part (a). A histogram should
be drawn as in part (b). The appropriate capability analysis could then be
carried out.

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