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Rules and Procedures Narrative

Having rules and procedures is to not restrict the students from creative
expression. Rather, they are to promote safety and awareness of other students to be
considerate of them and respect towards the teacher. Such guidelines are also put
into effect so students can have a well-managed classroom and a good environment
for learning. I have created a set of guidelines and procedures for students to follow
while they are in my classroom.
I have strictly chosen five guidelines for students to follow so as not to
overwhelm, but to give point to what is most valued by me as the instructor. The five
are: 1. Students will always need to bring the essential materials (Pencil, paper,
folder, homework) for class every day in order to help themselves in the learning
process. 2. Students will treat themselves and everyone else in the classroom with
respect and dignity. 3. Students will be held accountable for how they act and handle
themselves in class. 4. If you, the student, have a question, no matter big or small,
always ask! Never infer something is one way when really it is another. 5. Always ask
permission whenever you need to leave the classroom or borrow something from me.
These five have been carefully chosen and worded so as to encompass my
expectations in clearly defined sentences to leave no room for interpretations. They
are easy to remember, and students should have no difficulty in following.
However, if there are infractions to the rules, I have created a Four Step
Infraction plan that students will follow should they cause an infraction or that it
occurs multiple times. It begins with: verbal warning and documentation on the
teachers part, the student fills out an infraction notice the second time and has a
talk with the teacher after class, the third with a call home and filling out of an
action plan, and the fourth being a Disciplinary Referral and sent to the Principal's
office with attached paperwork of each documented infraction to the referral.
My list of procedures is long, but will be written down on the class syllabus and
posted on the front of the room. A few of the procedures are: 1. Students will turn in
homework from the previous day into their hour's homework bin and promptly have a
seat at their assigned desk and 2. If students do not have their homework completed
and handed in, they will need to fill out a slip explaining what happened to their
homework and their reason for not turning it in on time.
I have chosen my guidelines and procedures trying to follow the PBS approach
in being fair and equal with each one of my students. No one is to receive special
treatment above one another and each be held to the high standards of learning and
behavior I expect for them.