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Russian Democracy Has Disappeared?

Clifford J. Levy, New York Times

1. What is human rights? According t o the author, identify human rights issues
the current political regime in Russia have violated.
Human rights are the right to believe that every human has. In the article the human
rights issue that political regime in Russia violated was Putin finding a way around the
law to be president after his second term.
2. Identify political corruption issues Mr. Levy identifies in Russia today?
Mr. Levy identifies that Russia has political corruption issues today. That Putin found a
way to get around becoming president for his second term in a row. Another one of
Russias issue is blocking Irans nuclear program.
3. How does Mr. Gorbechev, the previous Russian premier, feel about the current
leaders? Why does he feel this way?
He thinks that democracy gets in the way, so he doesnt like the way the current
leader is ruling. He feels this way because he thinks that the new system is slowing
changing to democracy.
4. The caption for the picture on page one is titled, Batman and Robin. Explain this
This is where Putin figured a way around the law to prevent him from running his
second term as president. And handpicked Medvedev and Putin were addressed as
prime minister even though Medvedev is really the leader of the country.
5. According to the author [and Mr. Gorbechev] democracy begins with: elections,
accountability, and turnover.
6. In addition to the aspects of democracy identified above, which other key
ingredient is necessary for a democracy? According to the author, how does Russia
meet this ingredient? Back up your answer with facts.
Another key ingredient for democracy is respect for the rule of law. The author says
that to meet the respect of the rule of law is jury trials. People are denied permission
for rallies and if they dont the police take action. People are charged and behind bars
for years as a result of not respecting the rules.
7. Identify two cases the author identifies where the Russian government has failed
the democratic test.
One case the author identifies that democratic test failed is when the verdicts
overturn a jury case. Which lawmakers are cutting back on types of crimes that qualify
for a jury trial? And another case they talk about if the jury trials, where it changes
the Russian judicial system. But the jury of people was supposively more reliable
compared to the government where they would always be convicted to them.
Levy, Clifford. "'A Russian Democracy Has Disappeared'" KMBT_C364e-20141117091909 (n.d.): n. pag.