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Avalos 1

Alfonso Avalos
16 September 2014
12 Grade First Semester
This semester has been stressful whether it was turning a project or studying an exam.
Throughout this semester I learned taking action through the shadow career project and learned a
career readiness because I got the insight on one of my options.
I have grown as a global student by taking action. The project that helped me was the career
research project. The career research project was a project the made us think what we want to be
in the future. There were surveys that told me what my likes and dislikes were. My likes were
that I like to help people and I dislike being in a cubicle all day. After, the results showed me
what were my potential jobs and I had to choose 3. My top 3 choices were general doctor,
physician or a biomedical engineer. This project was far from over.
Now I had to choose a career that I would want to shadow. I thought to myself that I was not
going to be able to choose general doctor or biomedical engineer because those require a degree
to shadow, so instead I choose a physician. I didnt know where to start. I asked my mom if she
knew any physicians and she actually did. All I had to do now was gather the courage to call and
make an appointment
Here is where it was the most stressful because I was shy in talking with adults. In order to
talk to him, I had to prepare my conversation in index cards. I ask for assistance from my brother,
and my teacher. Once I knew what to say, I called and made the appointment. After I made the
appointment, I waited. Before this experience I was lacking the ability to take action and now I
was able to make the appointment to have the meeting.

Avalos 2
I also learned career readiness by doing the career research project. When I went to the
medical clinic, I was nervous because I did not know what I was going to see. When I met Dr.
Castaneda he told me that he wanted to be physician, so he could give back to his community. I
also learned that it takes a good 6 years to be a physician. I asked him if he had any experienced
and he told me that the only experience he had was selling healthcare. The one question I asked
him was if he was satisfied with the outcome. He told me that if he had a chance to do college
again he would not change anything. I lastly learned that being a physician is great because you
get to see the same faces over and over again to make connections with your patients.
Throughout the day I watched Dr. Castaneda talk to patients and make them feel comfortable
because that is how you will make them better. Now I know what it takes and the dedication for
the career in the future. In conclusion, I had a great experience in taking action and learning
about a potential career through the career research project. (516 words)