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Kate's Resume Most Recent

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Published by: millkate on Apr 08, 2008
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http://sitemaker.umich.edu/katemiller 1299 Lindale Dr. Traverse City, MI 49686 • (734) 262-1687 • millkate@umich.edu •

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI Bachelor of Science in Education, April 2008 • • • • • • Michigan Provisional Elementary Certificate, grades K-8 Endorsements in Integrated Science and Mathematics, grades 6-8 Overall GPA: 3.83/4.0; Concentration GPA: 4.0 Dean's Award for Excellence, among top 15, School of Education (2007 and 2008) Phi Beta Kappa Society, Alpha Chapter (one of two in the School of Education to become a part of the oldest honor society in U.S.) University Honors, scholastic achievement (April 2004 - April 2008) James B. Angell Scholar, perfect scholarship record (2007 and 2008)

Teaching Experience

4th Grade Student Teacher - Burns Park Elementary School, Ann Arbor, MI
January-April 2008

• • • • • •

Took over planning and teaching of science (‘Nature’s Recyclers’) for entire 4th grade and was voluntarily observed by and corresponded with science methods instructor in order to improve teaching science in an inquiry-based way Used Everyday Math curriculum to differentiate and teach math lessons Implemented a 3-week unit combining writing, science, and technology Created various lesson plans and managed scheduling, taking into account special needs of students, report card goals (aligned with district/state/national standards) and school or district-wide events Led book group to help low-performing readers during prep periods Completed a 3-week term of full-time lead teaching during which I regularly corresponded with parents and honed my time and classroom management skills

4th Grade Pre Student Teacher - Burns Park Elementary School, Ann Arbor, MI
Sept.–Dec. 2007

• •

Planned and taught two inquiry-based science and math lessons to a class of 27 Provided individual help to students struggling with reading and math

6th Grade Pre Student Teacher - Willow Run Middle School, Ypsilanti, MI
Jan.-April 2007

• • • •

Taught students who reside in a disadvantaged urban area Planned and conducted two group discussions on expository text, one based in social studies Administered a Qualitative Reading Inventory Collected data, interviewed, and analyzed work to better understand a low performing student

1st Grade Pre Student Teacher – Logan Elementary School, Ann Arbor, MI
Sept.-Dec. 2006

• • • •

Developed and taught whole-class comprehension strategy lesson on questioning Conducted whole-class ‘read aloud’ and discussion on social issues of 1st graders Taught small group word study lesson Observed and collected data on focus child for mock parent-teacher conference

Additional Experience

Youth Camp Counselor - Camp Arcadia, Arcadia, MI Summer 2006 and 2007 • Prepared and led daily lessons and activities for 5th-6th and 7th-8th graders • Led soccer and softball games, beach relays, and challenge course activities Childcare, Ann Arbor, MI Winter 2005–Spring 2008 • Planned activities and practiced implementing consequences as I provided twice-weekly childcare for two families • Volunteered at New Grace Church, Ann Arbor for infants to 3rd graders (Fall 2006) which developed my ability to work with children of all ages Scarlett Middle School, Ann Arbor, MI February 2007 • Gained experience evaluating and assessing science projects as Science Fair judge Tennis Instructor – Grand Traverse Tennis Camps, Traverse City, MI
Summer 2003 and 2004

• •

Created and taught group tennis lessons to students in 2nd grade through high school Planned and taught private, hour-long lessons

Leadership & Membership Chair, Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society in Education, Ann Arbor, MI September 2007-April 2008 Campus • Organized two initiation ceremonies and worked with a committee to recruit and retain Activities
members; developed skills in delegating tasks, public speaking, and putting together largescale events with inspirational speakers

Kappa Delta Pi Leadership Training and Activities, Ann Arbor, MI
September 2007-April 2008

• •

Seized every opportunity to learn how to become a more effective leader through sessions titled Actions of a Leader, Keep the Motivation Going, Leaving a Legacy – Goal Setting, Examining Professionalism, and Shifting from KDP Leadership to the Classroom and more Volunteered for service events like ‘Literacy Alive’ during which I ran the publishing room to help students from a disadvantaged area publish their own books on ‘Heroes’

Golden Key Club, Ann Arbor MI Fall 2004-present • Tutored weekly after school; improved skills in working one-on-one with students Intramural Sports Chair, Alpha Phi, Ann Arbor MI Winter 2005-2006 • Attended meetings for, organized, and coached intramural sports for a sorority

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