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applications. GMS was fully implemented at all of our missions in March 2011. Under Status, click on completed 6) Under Sent Answer By, select from the scroll down menu how you responded to the journalist. 7) Under Date/Time of Response, make sure thal today’s date is entered and that the time is before 5:00 PM. Otherwise, it won't show up in the day's media report. If you started a call on a previous day {and ae finishing it up on another day, make sure that the Date/Time of Request indicates today's date and that the time is before 6:00 PM. I the time is not changed, then the call wll nt show up in that day's media report. 8) Ifyou are unable to complete the call by the deadline, indicate in the "Note" field a brief comment 2s to why this occurred, This is important because it saves time when we do our quarterly tracking on calls on why responses were delayed. The information is this field will not show up in the day's media report so itis important to be honest about why the deadline was missed, 8) Click on save changes, in some cases, MINO wil take over the call If that is the case, please say so in the in Answer box. You can indicate the date and time at which you provided them with the info and the lines you gave them as it may be useful for another cal in the future Deadlines Note that it is CIC Communications Branch’s objective fo respond to 80% of calls from daily media outlets ‘on the same day in which they were received, Its important that the spokesperson obtain a deadline from journalists as part of the initial contact. At times, deadiines will need to be renegotiated between the spokesperson and the journalist. Large requests, requests requiring significant background work, detailed statistical requests or calls where the journalist provides an unreasonably short deadline should be the subject of negotiation. ‘All media requests are not equal. Inquiries received from major media outlets must receive greater attention and effort to answer by negotiated deadlines than calls received from minor media sources or student journalists. Likewise, calls received from major international media outlets (ie. Wall Street Journal, CNN, The New York Times) as well as calls on sensitive issues, issues of high priority to the MINO or questions that refer to the Minister demand even more attention. When sending for approval, spokespeople should make sure the media call template clearly mentions the deadline, and that the deadline information is updated if an extension has been renegotiated. This is important because MINO triages its work according to the deadline. If the deadline has been changed then the spokesperson can hightight it in red in order to draw attention to it. Ifthe deadiine has changed and the call is already with INO, the spokesperson should let them know. A spokesperson should also alert the Media Relations Manager if it begins to look as if a deadline might not be met, is imperative to note that while deadlines are important and we are held accountable to them, a good, robust answer that gives a full account of the department's view on the topic is even more important than rushing an answer through. As in al things media relations, judgment is required on what constitutes a fulsome answer and the spokesperson should do it in consultation with the strategist and Media Relations Manager ‘A-2014-09380-000008

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