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Chiasmus of Matthew 8:1—9:34:

Signs of the Kingdom

by Dr. John Sweigart

A Ministry to nation of Israel: Behold a leper. (8:1-4)

B Healing a servant of a Gentile who has faith. (8:5-13)
C Healing Peter's mother who arises and serves (8:14-15)
D Removal of diseases and demons (8:16-17)
E Excuses for Failure to Follow Jesus (8:18-22)
F Why are you fearful? (8:23-27)
X Demons acknowledge that Jesus is the Son of God
F' Why do you think evil in your heart? (9:2-8)
E' Immediately following Jesus (9:9-13)
D' New Wine in New Wineskins (9:14-17)
C' Healing a synagogue ruler's daughter who arises. (9:18-26)
B' Healing two Jewish blind men who have faith but no obedience. (9:27-31)
A' Ministry to nation of Israel: Behold a mute. (9:32-34)