By John Sweigart


Jesus’ word of assurance. Don’t fall away (1). B Jesus prophesies the hour of persecution (2-4a). C Jesus is going back to God/disciples sorrow (4b). D Jesus soon going to the Father—ascension and return (16-19). E Disciples’ sorrow will turn to joy at Jesus’ return (20-21). X Disciples’ joy will be everlasting at Jesus’ return (22). E' Disciples’ joy will be full because they can ask the Father in Jesus’ name (23-24). D' Jesus soon going back to the Father—incarnation/ascension (25-28). C' Jesus came from God/disciples believe (29-30). B' Jesus prophesies the hour of persecution to give them peace (31-33b). A' Jesus’ stronger word of assurance. Be bold in tribulation (33c).

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