Chiastic Structure: Numbers 10:28-25:18

Prepared by Dr. John Sweigart

A (10:28-32) Reul the Midianite separates from Moses. B (11:1-3) The fire of the Lord. C (11:4-35) Lusting for Meat. D (12) Miriam's Leprosy for speaking against Moses. E (13-14) Rebelling against the Lord based on the spies report. X (15) Sacrifices and obedience. E' (16-18) Rebellion of Korah, Dothan, and Abiram and 250 leaders. D' (19-20:1) Red heifer sacrifice and death of Miriam. C' (20:2-3) Lusting for Water. B’ (20:2-3) The fiery serpents from the Lord. A' (22-25) Balak and the elders of Midian. Israel is separate from the nations.

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