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Certificate ||| in Health Services Assistance (Assistant in Nursing)

Most of the components in this certificate included a form of ethical understanding. Below are the
components I have completed that strengthened my ethical understanding capability.
Communicate and work effectively in health (HLTHIR301C) and Contribute to
effective work place relationships (BSBFLM303C)
In this topic I learnt about how to use reasoning to make decisions when dealing with conflict. I
practiced considering the consequences behind actions made. For example, the complications of
conflict of interest, touching clients, boundaries in rapports, not keeping information confidential,
etc. I learnt some of the ethical dilemmas that are often associated with the health sector and ways
to solve ethical dilemmas which involved reading a code of ethics and discussing the ethical
dimensions of more complex issues. I also learnt the legislations and policies relating to the rights
and responsibilities of clients and co-workers in a health care setting. The legislations explored equal
opportunity, duty of care and discrimination.
Interpret and apply medical terminology (BSBMED301B)
By completing this topic I have developed my ethical understanding. In this topic I considered the
consequences with not having the ability to use and interpret correct medical terminology in the
health sector. I also explored my responsibilities in the health sector in relation to making sure that
correct medical terminology is used in health care plans.
Work effectively with Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people (HLTHIR404D) and
Work effectively with culturally diverse clients and co -workers (HLTHIR403C)
By completing these topics I have developed my ethical understanding. In this topic I investigated
the reasons that there may be clashes in beliefs of particular issues of medical importance and how
to cater for different beliefs in the health care setting. I also learnt about the role of policies and
legislations in maintaining quality health care for those from different cultures or circumstances.
Undertake home visits (HLTRAH302C)
By completing this topic I have developed my ethical understanding. I first looked at the PCBUs and
the workers role in maintaining a safe environment for both themselves and their clients in a home
setting. This included the responsibilities that they have and the consequences different decisions
may result in. Responsibilities may include completing home safety checks, communicating
information to the PCBUs and documenting the visit. In this topic I practiced completing my own
safety checklist to consider the consequences of some of the aspects of the home.
Participate in work health and safety processes (HLTWHS200A) and Comply with
infection control and policies and proce dures (HLTIN301C)
By completing these topics I have developed my ethical understanding. In these topics I learnt the
responsibilities of health services assistants and nurses in maintaining a safe work place by cleaning
up hazards according to procedural guidelines, reporting hazards, dealing with emergencies and
following correct infection control features. Each worker in the health care setting must understand
their rights and responsibilities in relation to work health and safety according to policies and
legislations. Also the penalties when the laws are not obeyed. The topics explored further into the
consequences of not following infection control standard precautions on a personal and global scale.

Assist with client movement (HLTCSD305D) and Transport Clients (HLTCSD208D)

By completing these topics I have developed my ethical understanding. During the 2 day workshop I
developed my understanding of my rights as a worker to say no is particular manual handling
procedures my cause harm to myself or others. The topics explored making reasonable decisions in
relation to the safety of the client and workers and considered the consequences of particular
methods of movement and transport. The topics lastly focused on evaluating if the procedures were
the best options that could have been used in the situation.
For example, in one procedure I made an ethical decision that I was too small to be a single carer to
stand alongside a client, I considered the consequences of injuring myself and after completing the
movement with a second carer I evaluated that the movement may have not been the best option
because the client wasnt in the best mental state for the movement.
Support the care of clients (HLTCSD304D) and Maintain high standard of client
service (HLTCSD201D)
By completing these topics I have developed my ethical understanding. During the 2 day workshop I
recognised ethical concepts relating to client care, examined the treatment of clients in an ethical
way, considered the consequences of particular procedures and reflected on ways I could have been
more ethical during the procedure such as reading the care plan beforehand. An issue that I further
explored in the topic was the role of asking for consent before continuing with procedures.

Paramedic Pathways
Apply first aid (HLTFA311A) and Perform CPR (HLTCPR211A) and Provide basic
emergency life support (HLTFA211A)
By completing these topics I have developed my ethical understanding. During the course I explored
my own and others values, rights and responsibilities when performing first aid. I also practised
making ethical decisions based on the emergency scenario and the consequences of particular
actions. Lastly, I explored a range of ethical concepts in relation to first aid, cadaver research,
paramedics, biomechanical engineering and forensic science.
In this subject I explored different bioethics scenarios. Firstly in my issues investigation I recognised
ethical concepts, used reasoning in making ethical decisions, considered the consequences of
particular actions and explored different points of view on the ethics related issue: Should human
population control methods be used in Australia? Secondly, I learnt about the ethics of genetically
modifying organisms in a range of different contexts.

Psychology often involves experimentation on humans by manipulating a variable on humans to see
how it would influence their behaviour. Experimentation is an ethical issue and can have a number
of long term effects on participants. In this subject I explored a range of ethical consequences of
experiments, and considerations used to meet a range of ethical guidelines. Such considerations
included Informed consent, right to withdraw, voluntary participation, confidentiality, debriefing
processes, accurate reporting and professional conduct.
One assessment task focused in if ethical guidelines have influenced the field of Psychology in a
positive way and what the future for ethics within psychology is. The investigation helped me
practice recognising ethical concepts, making ethical decisions, considering consequences, reflecting
of past ethical action and examine the value of psychology and ethics and the rights and
responsibilities of researchers and participants while considering different points of view.
Research Project
During the conduction of my own research project I needed to consider the ethics involved in my
research. This primarily based around plagiarism and the exploration of my responsibilities to cite
the resources I used correctly. I also considered risk assessments which are important in considering
consequences that may arise from the experiments I conducted and consent for the people I
interviewed in my research project.

Work Experience: Foodland

Some of my ethical understanding capabilities have been developed from my experience in a work
place setting. I have been involved in lottery training for my workplace and have learnt a lot about
ethical issues involved in gambling. During my training the lecturer spoke about the many ethical
issues associated with lottery and the laws put in place to protect people from gambling addictions.
For example, age restrictions, specific warnings on posters, requiring a clock near the gambling
facility, etc. Throughout my time serving people for lottery purposes I have to make ethical decisions
most days based on the how I judge a persons age or if I have a reason to believe someone may
have an addiction (how may I intervene), etc. I also have to consider the consequences of my choice
of words which may encourage people to gamble and consider my responsibilities to ensure the
gambling space meets the legal requirements.
Another aspect of my work is also considering points of views of customers, exploring my rights and
responsibilities as a worker (manual handling, breaks, confidentiality, hazard reports, out of date
items, etc.) and also examining the rights of customers to be treated equally. I feel I have a strong
understanding of ethics and have the ability to make ethical decisions based on a workers and
clients values, rights and responsibilities.