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Name of Book: The Three Little Pigs

Grade Level: _3-5_______

Genre: _Traditional Literature__ Prepared By: _Rose Wagner______

Genre Definition/Description
Traditional literature are stories based on oral traditions which are intended to teach a lesson as well as
entertain including folktale, fairy tales, fables, myths, pourquoi tales, legends, tall tales, animal tales,
and ballads.
(Specify skills/information that
students will learn about the

(Choose a book and develop a
brief lesson to teach about the
genre specifics )

Additional Books
(Please list 10 additional books
in this genre at a variety of
grade levels)

Students will be able to identify some traditional literature.

Students will be able to list some characteristics of traditional
Students will be able to list some types of traditional literature.

Read one or two versions of the Three Little Pigs

Tell students they will be learning about the genre traditional literature
and share the poster with them.
Ask students if they can think of any stories which would fit into this
genre and write it down on chart paper or white board.
Explain that many of the stories students listed were first oral stories
that were passed on from generation to generation to entertain and to
teach lessons and this is how traditional literature got its start.
Share Power Point with students on traditional literature.
1. World Treasury of Myths, Legends, and Folktales: Stories from Six
Countries by R. Binini grades K-6
2. The Three Billy Goats Gruff by P. Galdone grades K-2
3. Henny Penny by P. Galdone grades K-2

Internet Support/Sites
(Please list some additional
internet resources that
reinforce the teaching of this

4.The Three Witches by Z. Hurston grades K-2

5. Paul Bunyan by S. Kellogg grades K-4
6. The Frog Princess by E. Kimmel grades K-4
7. Jack and the Beanstalk E. Nesbit grades K-4
8. Sister Tricksters Rollicking Tales of Clever Females by R. San Souci grades
9. The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales by J. Scieszka grades
10. Rapunzel by P. Zelinsky grades K-4