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Room K1 will be having Halloween centers on Friday, October 31st

from 2:15-3:15. Volunteers should arrive at 2:00 to sign in at the

office. Students will eat snacks arid treats from 2:15-2:30. They will
move through Halloween themed centers and craft projects from
2:30-3:15. If you would like to donate a snack/treat or volunteer, sign
up outside of our classroom. Please do not bring treats that you have
not signed up for. Reminder students cannot wear costumes to
school on Halloween. If you have any questions, please call us at 2687095. Thanks! -Miss Grossman & Mrs. Wagner

Your child has been chosen as Star of the Week for the week of
January 26th_30th. Please complete the attached poster and return
to school on Monday, January

It may not officially



zs". Thanks!

-Miss Grossman

be Winter yet, but we all know that

is unpredictable.

We ask that you please send

your child to school with a heavy coat, snow pants, gloves, hat,
scarf, and snow boots during these chilly days. The only time we
stay inside for recess is if the temperature

is below zero. If your

child wears snow boots to school, please also send an extra pair
of shoes that your child can put on and tie by themselves.

If you

need winter supplies, please contact Miss Grossman at 268-7095

for a "rnv student in need" request! We appreciate
in keeping our students safe and healthy!

your support