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Jan Oliver L. Sisperez
Anne Curtis - Feliza Reyes

Jericho Rosales - Celso Resurreccion

Phillip Salvador - Daniel Reyes

Baron Geisler - Capt. Las Morenas

Ryan Eigenmann - Saturnino Martin Cerezo

Bernard Palanca

Carlo Aquino - Gabriel

Nikki Bacolod - Luming

Jeremiah Rosales-Jaime Caldenay

Lindley Lumantas - Ilong

Joel Torre-Capt. Novicio

Alvin Anson- Catalan

Mark Lagang - Alom

Michael de Mesa-Padre

Rio Locsin - Azon

Spyke Perez

Vince Edwards

John Richards- American Captain

Johnny Solomon

Billy Ray Afable

Alan Perez

Andy Joseph

DJ Durano-Ambo
Mark Bautista-Lope

Baler is a tale of an overwhelming love of a young Filipina named FELIZA REYES (Anne
Curtis) and CELSO RESURRECION (Jericho Rosales), a Spanish-Filipino soldier, set in the
backdrop of 1898 wartime action between a 57-man Rifle Batallion of the Spanish military and
the Filipino forces, more popularly known as the Seige of Baler.

Feliza is the beautiful daughter of Nanding (Phillip Salvador), who’s a member of the
rebel movement. This is the very reason why she and Celso have to keep their love a secret.

Nanding, whose primary goal is to completely wipe out the Spanish soldiers stationed in the
town of Baler, can never accept Celso, a half- Indio, half Spanish soldier who chooses to serve
the enemies more than the Filipino insurgents who are struggling and fighting for their
independence, their freedom.

Feliza is in love with the man her father despises but who and what could stop the two young
people who are madly in love with each other?

While we are drawn to the endearing story of a classic love that knows no time, place and race,
we are also glided into the historic past to take a peek on what transpired inside the walls of the
church of Baler where the last Spanish contingent (who are not aware that the war had actually
ended), heroically defended Baler against the Filipino forces for 337 long and grueling days.

While Baler is a story of conflict, betrayal, suffering, self-preservation, selfishness,

obstinacy, and self-interest, it is also a story of heroism, courage, love of freedom,
patriotism,endurance, chivalry, humanity and above all, it also tells about a noble story of love in
time of war— the story of Feliza and Celso.

In 1898, a band of Spanish soldiers heroically defended Baler (which was not yet the capital
municipality of Aurora until 1951) against Filipino forces for 337 long and grueling days. The
battle, now referred to as the Siege of Baler, is the setting of a forbidden love between a Mestizo
soldier (Jericho Rosales) and a Filipina lass (Anne Curtis) who lived at the end of the 19th

Baler is available on original CD and DVD since March 17 2009

Baler will have a special screening at the 2nd San Joaquin International Film Festival, on May
19, 2009 in Stockton, California.