Sacred Geometry and the Structure of the Torch of Life Pt.

Measurements, Form and Symbolism

The structure of the Torch of Life is built on the principles of sacred geometry. It is comprised of lines and circles which are arranged according to the PHI ratio 1:1.618 approximation of the Fibonacci sequence. This ratio and its primary measurement, symbolic of the Sun Spot cycle, dictate its size. The active (masculine, linear) nature of the Galdrastafr is regulated by the passive (feminine, circular) form of the mandala. The raw creative power represented by the runes are contained and regulated by the compassion of the circles. The inner structure of the Torch of Life is made up of the Galdrastafr (Old Norse: Stave of Incantations). Its outer circle is symbolic of the ouroboros, the world serpent and at its centre is an ancient Sun symbol. The Futhark Witness (the six lines at the base of each arm) and the Bindrunes comprise its detail. This runic incantation can be viewed as a subtle version of the Heart of Buddha, also known as the Hammer of Thor or the Swastika, also a Sun symbol. Its outer structure comprises the Eight Mark (also known as the Eight Winds of Heaven) between which the words Humankind, Love, Unity, Paradise, Peace, Harmony, Compassion and Mother Earth are found and outside of which is the Double Rainbow.

Drawing and Measurement
The Torch of Life was constructed utilising Computer Aided Design (CAD) five years after it was first hand drawn. My first drawings were somewhat inaccurate and it was an intuitive understanding that it needed to be redrawn in order for its geometric structure to function properly as a thought-form transmitter. Utilising CAD it was possible to draw the wire frame of the

Torch of Life to six places of accuracy, which gave it its necessary coherent geometric field. Eight out of the first thirteen stages of the Fibonacci sequence mark graphic detail, stages, of the Torch of Life. Starting at the centre and moving outwards: 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144 0 = The centre 2 = Outer edge of the central dot, the Eye of I AM. 8 = Outer ring of the central Sun Symbol, the first ‘ring-pass-not’. 13 = Start of the Elder Futhark witness comprising twenty-four lines in four groups of six, also called the Crystal Power Store or the Four Creation Hexagrams of the I-Ching 34 = The Bindrunes 55 = The Red Ring, Ouroboros, second ‘ring-pass-not’. 144 = Outer Edge of the Double Rainbow, third ‘ring-pass-not’. The diameter of the Torch of Life is defined by its primary measurement or Primer, 27.055154 (any unit of measure can be applied, be it foot, yard or mile), which is the width of the Galdrastafr. This number is symbolic of one day as our star, the Sun, experiences it. It is known as the Sun-Spot cycle. This duration of time approximates one solar rotation, a fluctuating average as the Sun is a ball of plasma with vast magnetic currents. The surface majority of the Sun swirls near 30 degrees north and south of the equator and one rotation here equates to approximately 27.055154 to 27.2+ Earth days. This adds an extra layer of Sun symbolism. This is an interesting period of time being so close to the Draconic Cycle of the Moon of 27.2 Earth Days (Lunar Mean is 28 days). It is also similar to the Megalithic Yard (2.72 feet) brought to light by Prof. Alexander Thom through his study of Stone Circles and other Megalithic Sacred sites. The full diameter of the Torch of Life is 70.83531452 which is a Phi ratio of the diameter of the Galrastafr.

Spontaneous Number Symbolism
A good example of spontaneous number symbolism is found in the radius of the Torch of Life. The diameter of the Torch of Life being 70.835314 makes its radius 35.417657. If we drop the decimal point and loose the last five digits we are left with the number 354; 354 is the duration of one Lunar Year comprising 12 Synodic cycles of 29.5 earth days each. It makes the full radius of the Torch of Life representative of a Lunar Year, a natural cycle like the Sun Spot cycle. Spontaneous number symbolism is something that has occurred repeatedly during the ongoing revelation that has been the investigation of the Torch of Life. Number symbolism is part of the art of sacred geometry. It can be thought of as the representation by numbers of the cycles and Mind of life. Hence the ancient assertion “All is Number”. For example, consider the nature of the Holy Trinity, Mother, Father and Child, found in all cultures and regularly deified as aspects of the Godhead. Our culture has expressed number symbolism in images and structures that represent, hold and transmit timeless knowledge and wisdom. The occurrence of the number 354 does so in such a way as to infer a deeper pattern from which the Torch emerged. As the Primer, 27.055154, was consciously chosen as a number symbol of a solar day it is synchronous that the lunar number symbol, being a subconscious result, spontaneously compliments it. It says to me ‘behold – nature is brought to us through the inherent intelligence behind the appearance of number and as all numbers are related, all cycles of the Heavens and of Earth are one’. A second clear example of spontaneous number symbolism is found in the radius of the Galdrastafr. The Galdrastafr being 27.05515486 in diameter means that the radius is half of this: 13.52757743. The first four digits: 13.52 can be understood as a number symbol of our temporal world. Our solar year comprises 13 cycles of 28 days + 1 day and also comprises 52 weeks.

The Circle and the Sun Symbol
The Circle is one of the oldest and simplest of forms. It is defined by its radius, diameter and circumference. The circle is prominent in geometry as it is the only form where the centre is equidistant from any edge, which can also be though of as singular. It has been at the heart of all cultural symbolism since memory began. This simple form has found itself at the centre of philosophic, metaphysical and theological speculation, belief and tradition. For example the Circle can be thought of as symbolic of the alchemical serpent Ouroboros, the “tail devourer”, the loop of eternity through which all things come to be. The circle can be understood to represent the ineffable boundary which includes everything, the Ultimate sphere. The Black Circle and Black Dot at the centre of the Torch of Life is a symbol almost as old as the circle. It is called a Sun symbol. The Sun symbol is found throughout ancient world culture, first drawn on cave walls. Always, the Sun is at the centre of all memory of life and culture. It is the Sun that rules our world, its magnetic storms and manifold cycles dictate climate and development, fertility and genetics. This symbol has come to represent Oneness, the essence of Light and the seed in the womb of the Ultimate Sphere, or Goddess Principle. At the centre of the Ultimate Sphere resides the Self-Existing I AM of Intrinsic Awareness where the primal AUM resounds. Its ring represents the event horizon of the material universe with the ineffable singularity of the All Mind at the centre. The Solar Mind that Humanity is developing as an extension of the Stellar Intelligence of our Sun, the Logos, is represented by this symbol and it encompasses the understanding of how the photon like nature of the All Mind allows it to be everywhere at once. The ‘X’ created within the Sun Symbol by the arms of the Galdrastafr adds a layer of symbolism which is just as old. There is ambiguity in the claims of its origin, as with many symbols, however the equal armed cross, that is often represented vertically rather than at a forty-five degree angle, is well known today under the name of the Celtic Cross. This is another Sun Symbol which, in this case, refers to the four seasons of the year. In its offset ‘X’ position it represents the four fire festivals and the balance of the elemental principles of Earth, Water, Air and Fire. The two lines across its diameter are symbolic of the dual or polarised nature of our universe. Polarised and yet unified in wholeness. This polarity within unity can be understood by

considering the nature of temperature. Hot and Cold are different only by degree within the range of absolute zero and the temperature say of a supernova. Heat and Cold are descriptions of our perspective of molecular vibration and are entirely relative. That being said, Hot and Cold are one. This primal duality has come to be represented in our myths, legends and religions by the idea of twins, the divine twins of the Goddess. The Twin principle has taken many forms in our varied culture which, for example, include Enlil and Enki (Sumerian), Sanat Kumara and Sananda Kumara (Indo-European), Romulus and Remus (Roman), John the Baptist and John the Apostle (Knights Templar), Xbalanque and Hunahpu (Mayan).

The Golden Heart
As a result of utilising the Fibonacci sequence the Golden Heart came to light. The Golden Heart is a phenomenon of the spiral when it is understood that where we find one spiral a reflection of it is always present. It is the same on every scale of existence. Consider the way a galaxy swirls, viewed from above it may swirl to the right. However when viewed from below it is seen to swirl in the other direction. What this says is that all of nature, from solar systems to flowers, exists within a geometric field which is fundamentally counter rotational or spinning in both directions at once. An opposite spiral may not be visible to the eye when a physical form is observed, but the counter spiral will be there on a subtle or energetic level. The Golden Spiral that is part of the Torch of Life has an ‘invisible’ partner spiral. When both spirals are shown it produces a pattern which known as the Golden Heart. When meditating on the moving concept of the Torch of Life the Golden Spirals generates the experience of either being drawn into The Torch of Life or of having its image ‘blown’ out towards you, as if you were looking into the mouth of a trumpet. There is some speculation about the mathematics of this trumpet shape in regard to how its curve describes a torus, like the curve on an apple as it moves from the outside skin towards its centre at either end. The perfect torus is donut shaped and as it is folded in upon itself.

The idea of the Toroid can also be understood by thinking about the way a magnetic field appears to us. This is another universal principle. All things exist on an infinite toroidal scale. From the cell of biology, through the atom of the material universe to the fruit we eat and the magnetic field of the Earth, all are toroidal – donut shaped. The Spirals of the Golden Heart give the Torch of Life a fixed (geometrical) toroidal field.

The Grail Cup
The Geometry Cup or Grail appears as a result of looking at the two spirals of the Golden Heart sideways and rendering them in 3D. Each spiral is then spun on its centre by 180 degrees, which creates the cup shape. This Grail (above left), generated by Phi, has the capacity to move in and out forever. This can be understood in terms of ‘perfect nesting’ or ‘embedability. The term ‘selfsimilarity’ can also be used in describing the Grail that has within it an identical copy of itself and so on ad-infinitum. If the four cardinal directions are highlighted (in red) the form of the Hammer of Thor, Swastika or Heart of Buddha can be seen clearly. This geometric phenomenon is central to the Torch of Life being the primary structure of the Galdrastafr. The Silent Pyramid Raising the central point of the Torch of Life produces the apex of a pyramid (Phi-Ra-Mid) - a subtle or silent Pyramid. This silent Pyramid has a Capstone at is top and center. When the pyramid is reflected downwards it creates the Perfect Solid called the Octahedron. These 3D forms are generated by the square that can be drawn where the four arms of the Galdrastafr meet the circle or the Ouroboros ring.

The base of the Capstone is described by the points where the arms of the Galdrastafr connect to the ring of the Sun symbol. The Capstone of the Torch of Life is symbolic of the zero point of consciousness. Its function is to entrain the collective human focus on the gnosis of unconditional enlightenment, the spontaneous realisation of human mind as Solar-Mind. Considering our star to be a point in the billion strong neural network of the Galactic Brain, Solar Mind is the innate natural intelligence of our star embedded in our biology. At critical mass this can be called the awakening of Galactic culture on Earth.

Applying the Hermetic principal of ‘As Above, So Below’, the silent pyramid becomes an octahedron. This octahedron can be understood as a symbolic capsule, a repository of knowledge, a vehicle or chariot carrying encodements which can be further understood as a program. I termed this the Arcturian Shield Program (ASP). Within the ASP are Octahedron Time Cycles which are comprised of 8 cycles of 28080 days or 224640 Earth Days in duration (615 Earth Years). There is one 28080 day cycle for each

face of the octahedron. 224640 is 108 cycles of 2080 (the Psi-Bank), 8 Tzolkins representing the field of Planetary Mind. The Octahedron, being one of the perfect solids births the other four perfect solids from its form through association. The Merkabah The image of the Torch of Life resides within a Merkabah, similar to the field of geometry that it understood to exist around every life form. It enfolds the mandala as a subtle template or holding pattern. The geometric principal that allows for the co-existence of all Perfect Solids where any one Perfect Solid is present generates this field. I consider this field of geometry to be the vessel containing the whole thought-form of the Torch of Life and ASP. Merkabah is a Hebraic word that means chariot. It refers to the Vehicle of the Primal Cause. It is also understood to be the geometric field which exists around every life form, an envelope (the integrity of divine will) that facilitates the merger of spirit and form. The Merkabah geometry is the spiritual/mental time/space vehicle through which I AM of Intrinsic Awareness interfaces with the realms of experience. Its form is popularly understood to be that of a star tetrahedron (two interlocking Tetrahedra which spin in a counter rotational manner – 3D Star of David). Above is a combined image of a Star-Tetrahedron, Dodecahedron, Octahedron and Cube. The Icosahedron is not shown.

Ormungandr Melchizedek

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