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Answer question no.1 which is compulsory and any five from the rest

1. Answer the following question 2x10

a. Draw the graph of the curve whose parametric coordinates are given by

b. find the asymptotes of the curve

4x2 + 8x + y2 = 0
c. Find the point on the parabola y = x2 where the radius of the curvature is 4
d. If a wet sheet in a dryer loses its moisture content at a rate proportional to the
total moister content and if it loses half of its moisture in ten minutes , when will it
have lost 99% of its moisture?
e. Write down the differential equation which governs the current in the following
circuit (do not solve)

f. Solve the differential equation

Given that y(0) = 5

g. Evaluate the integral

h. Find the Bessel’s function of order 1 where

i. Find the laplace transform of . H.O:BHUBANESWAR,B.O:ROURKELA,contact:+91-9338562535
j. Find the inverse laplace transform of

2. a. Graph the following function : 5

b. Find the asymptote of : 5

3. a. Solve the differential equation : 5

b. Solve the differential equation :

4. a. Solve the differential equation : 5

b. Solve the differential equation: 5

5. a. Form the necessary differential equation for the circuit given below and find the
steady state current . 5

b. Find the power series solution of the differential equation : 5 H.O:BHUBANESWAR,B.O:ROURKELA,contact:+91-9338562535
6. a. Prove that : 5

[you may use the following formula :

Where M=n/2 or (n-1)/2 which ever is an integer ]

b. Prove that : 5

7. a. Find the inverse Laplace transform of 5

b. Use Laplace transform to solve the following differential equation : 5

8. a. Use the convolution theorem to find the inverse Laplace transform of 5

b. Solve the integral equation 5 H.O:BHUBANESWAR,B.O:ROURKELA,contact:+91-9338562535
--X-- H.O:BHUBANESWAR,B.O:ROURKELA,contact:+91-9338562535