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Kennedy Pham #23

Mrs. Potts
English 1H Per. 2
16 November 2014

The Bill of Rights was a written response for the need of a greater constitutional
protection for individual rights by the founding fathers in 1791 (Bill of Rights). It led to better
changes such as the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and
effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures ("What's in The Bill of Rights?"). This
amendment is a way Americans secured their privacy due to constant interference from the
government. The Founders believed that freedom from government intrusion into ones home
was a natural right and fundamental to liberty ("Fourth Amendment (1791) | Bill of Rights
Institute.") As a result, they also came up with the third amendment which states no soldier
shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the owner("What's in
The Bill of Rights?"). According to the founders, they saw (placement of soldier) as
unreasonable and tyrannical intrusion. ("Third Amendment (1791) | Bill of Rights Institute." )
Through the ratification of this document, citizens of the United States today and in the past
were able to withhold their privacy and property. All in all, the Bill of Rights of 1791 brought
various reforms that preserve ones right as citizen that reinforces equality to the people then
and now.

Extremism is an ideology that is considered is behavioral activity that goes beyond
common moral standards. As for the motives, it can be driven politically, religiously, or even
economically. Recently however, religious extremism has found it way again in the heart of
Jerusalem. As of now, Jerusalem is a divided, contested city. West Jerusalem is
demographically Jewish and east Jerusalem demographically Arab (Pinfold). The cause is of
course, holy sites and the ethnic, religious and nationalistic tensions of two societies (Pinfold)

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which also led to a recent shooting at a synagogue. According to Obama, Jerusalem axe
attacks (is an) 'outrageous acts of extremism (The Telegraph) which resulted in the killing of
three americans. These killings and attacks are not only in Jerusalem however, it can occur
anywhere for any given reason. The term extremism is sometimes used in a purely descriptive
sense, however, this extremist position constitutes a threat (The Telegraph). In conclusion,
extensive religious frustrations can lead to immoral acts of extremism, so, we should stop and
consider our actions before it leads to bigger consequences.
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