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1413 maple St.

Denton, TX 76201
November 2, 2014

Mr. Oren Bruton

University of North Texas
Denton, TX 76201

Dear Mr. Bruton,

I am proposing that I create a manual for using successware for A/C Contractors. This Company
is an Air Conditioning company that I have worked at for 2 years. This is necessary because the
lack of training and information on entering job information creates many problems in this
work field. For example it makes the technician statics off, bad time management, and etc. For
these reasons a training manual on using successware is necessary for the company.

Problem Definition
With the frequent changes of employees that are entering the job information, it is discovered
with a survey done by the owner of A/C Contractors on October 15, 2014 that 2/3 of the
employees are not confident in their skills using the program Successware. With such low
confidence and knowledge of the program it creates problems such as:

Lack of Knowledge of Successware

Statistics for each technician are wrong
Time management is bad
Money management is bad

The statistics it shows that many employees have minimal knowledge of the actual successware
program and how data from jobs should be completed. With the lack of knowledge of
successware, entering the completed jobs have been poorly entered as noticed by Adam Cory
with Extreme Closing. With this the statics of call backs, funds collected, memberships sold, and
total profit for each technicians turn out to be off after the calculations. With the lack of true
statistics for the technicians we do not know how many times we are actually going back on call
backs. Because of this the company is having bad time management. The bad time
management is caused by not being able to limit the technicians on true call backs to jobs and
being able to create certain standards according to those. Since the there are many call backs
that are truly recorded and also since the profit from each job are not recorded truly the
company is also losing money from these problems.

Proposed Solution
The proposed training manual for using successware and how to enter data from jobs will give
receptionist and data entry employees training and information to

Report accurate and true statistics of technicians

Good Time management
Good money management
Good operating skills of entering any information into the system

These issues would be fixed by the creation of the training manual, in which the outline for the
manual is:
1. How to add a customer
2. Club Memberships
3. Adding a new job
4. Completion of call check in
5. Data entry of Paper work from each job
6. Finalizing the job
With group 1-3 it would guarantee that accounts and jobs were created correctly. With this the
company would be able to manage their time more wisely and spend less of it correcting
mistakes in the setup of accounts. Group 4 will guarantee that the customer is pleased with the
job and will help the company manage the mistakes if one is made by making calls to the
customer after the completion of the job. Following steps 5-6 will guarantee that the statistics
will be accurate. When the employees use all groups while using successware will guarantee
that they will learn and have good operating skills of entering information into the system.
Below is the project timeline in creating the manual:
analyze and
regular entry
of data

training on
new correct
way of Data
entry into

compare the
new and old
statics of

standards for
to meet each

manual for
data entry

I am motivated about the possibility of creating this much-needed manual for our company.
This manual will resolve our ongoing problem with using and our knowledge of the program
Successware by elimination the problems stated with the manual that I propose creating for
A/C Contractors. I look forward to the opportunity of working with you on this training manual.
Brittney Dassonville