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GEN 200 Foundations for Education and General Success

PERSONALITY SPECTRUM I Name: Victoria Johnson Date: 9/18/09

STEP 1. Rank order all 4 responses to each question

from most like you (4) to least like you (1). Place a 1, 2, 3, or 4 in the space next to the

1. I like instructors who

5. When I experience stress I would most likely
a. 1 tell me exactly what is expected of me.
a. 2 do something to help me feel more in control
b. 1 make learning active and exciting. of my life.
c. 1 maintain a safe and supportive classroom. b. 2 do something physical and daring.
d. 2 challenge me to think at higher levels. c. 3 talk with a friend.
2. I learn best when the material is d. 1 go off by myself and think about my situation.
a. 1 well organized. 6. I would probably not be close friends with
someone who is
b. 1 something I can do hands-on.
a. 2 irresponsible.
c. 2 about understanding and improving the human
condition. b. 2 unwilling to try new things.
d. 2 intellectually challenging. c. 4 selfish and unkind to others.
3. A high priority in my life is to d. 3 an illogical thinker.
a. 1 keep my commitments. 7. My vacations could be described as
b. 1 experience as much of life as possible. a. 2 traditional.
c. 1 make a difference in the lives of others. b. 3 adventuresome.
d. 2 understand how things work. c. 1 pleasing to others.
4. Other people think of me as d. 3 a new learning experience.
a. 1 dependable and loyal. 8. One word that best describes me is
b. 4 dynamic and creative. a. 2 sensible.
c. 1 caring and honest. b. 2 spontaneous.
d. 2 intelligent and inventive. c. 2 giving.
d. 2 analytical.

STEP 2. Add up the total points for each letter.

TOTAL for a. 12 Organizer TOTAL for c. 15 Giver

TOTAL for b. 16 Adventurer TOTAL for d. 17 Thinker

STEP 3. Plot these numbers on the brain diagram on page 36.

When you have completed this page, please Save As and title the document “Your Name
For example, “John Smith Personality.doc”

Keys to College Studying: Becoming a Lifelong Learner, by Carol Carter, Joyce Bishop and Sarah Lyman
Kravits. Copyright © 2002 by Prentice-Hall, Inc., an imprint of Pearson Education, Inc.