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Pakistan International

(Come Fly With Us…)
(Those Who Fear None…)

Group Members:
Amanullah Ch.
Jahanzeb Lateef
Rizwan Ali
Shahid Sarfaraz
Shahzad Jamil
Historical Profile
 A National airline operating Passenger and Cargo
 It is the 16th largest airline in Asia
 Covering Eighty-two Domestic and Foreign destinations.
 Established in 1955, having vast experience in the airline 1960s Logo
industry of Pakistan with a large fleet of aircrafts.
 The fleet size is forty-three.
 A huge Corporation with 18,043 Employees.
1990s Logo
 Main bases are Version 2
 Jinnah International Airport, Karachi,
 The Allama Iqbal International Airport,
 Lahore and the Islamabad International Airport,
Islamabad/Rawalpindi. 1990s Logo
Historical Profile
• Secondary bases,
 Peshawar International Airport,
 Faisalabad International Airport,
2000s Logo
 Quetta International Airport and
 Multan International Airport

Current Logo

Current Logo
Historical Profile
 The departments include:
 Human Resource and Administration
 Marketing
 Corporate Planning,
 Information Services,
 Finance
 Flight Services
 Flight Operation
 Engineering
 Procurement and Logistics
 Customer Services
 Training and Development
 Quality Assurance
Organizational Structure
Corporate Vision
To be a World Class Airline exceeding
Customer Expectations through Dedicated
Employees Committed to Excellence.
Corporate Mission
As a Symbol of National Pride, We Aspire to be a Choice Airline,
Operating Profitably on Modern Commercial concepts and Capable of
Competing with the Best in the International as well as Domestic
Corporate Values
• Customer Expectations
(Convenience, Care and Competitive tariff)
• Service
(Personalized and Courteous)
• Innovation
(Cherishing new ideas, translating into actions)
• Reliability
(Loyalty and Consistency)
• Safety
(Passengers, Employees, Environment and Health)
• Cohesiveness
(Respect for individuals, Team Work and Effective
• Integrity
(Business Ethics, Accountability and Transparency)
• Business class

It’s the only Business Class service

that feels like First Class
 Economy class

It make u feel that every class

provides comfort
Revenue Composition
• Pakistan International Airlines fleet includes
the following aircraft (as of November 2009)
Type Numbers
Airbus A310-300 12
ATR 42-500 7
Boeing 737-300 6
Boeing 747-200 1
Boeing 747-300 5
Boeing 777-200ER 4
Boeing 777-200LR 2
Boeing 777-300ER 3
Total 40
Major Competitors
SWOT Analysis of PIA
SWOT Analysis-Internal Factor
 Strengths
 Leading Market Position
 Brand Recognition
 Superior Operating Structure
 Network Presence
 Hub airport at Karachi

 Weakness
 Formulation of Govt. Rules
 High dependence on Passenger
 Debt
 Reliance on Oil Prices
SWOT Analysis-External Factor
 Opportunities
 Having the maximum route and fleet
 Growing demand for low cost airlines
 Customer loyalty
 Shifting customer needs
 Industry Recovery
 High Interest Rates
 Accidents
 Strong Competition by Air-blue
 Interest and foreign currency
exchange rates
 Decline in airline industry
PEST Analysis of PIA
PEST Analysis
 Political Factors
Increased Competition
(Deregulation of airline industry)
 Political Stability
 Increased Investment Opportunity

• Economical Factors
Improved Purchasing Power
Demand Value-for-Money
Soaring Oil Prices
Reduced Ticket Prices
PEST Analysis
 Social Factors
Greater Customer Awareness
 Increased Entertainment
 Technology Averse Customers

Technological Factors
In-flight Entertainment
 E-ticketing
 Automated (Self) Check-in
 SMS Services
Direct Marketing Tools

We are setting up a
plan to boost up our
long term Mr. Ali Raza

association to put ABC, Garden, Karachi.

into practice “The

concept of

 Pilgrims can now enjoy

comfortable and luxurious
journey in Boeing-777s

 These additional flights will not

only provide more travel options
to Umrah Pilgrims but will also
enable more people to perform
the holy ritual.

 PIA offers more flights to Jeddah

in May, June and July for Umrah
PIA 'Budget Flight' - Enjoy up to 39%
discount on regular fares

 PIA introduces Budget Flight

between Karachi, Lahore, and
 Fly PIA's new ATR

 Up to 10kg hand baggage allowed

 No checked-in baggage 

 Condition apply
PIA Flexible Fares - Plan
Ahead & Pay Less
 Book International or Domestic flights
as early as possible because the
earlier you buy, the cheaper you fly.
 A variety of discounts in Business,
Economy Plus, & Economy Classes.
 The benefit of even lower fares in the
lean travel period.
 Flexible Fares are applicable on
sectors where Revenue Management
is implemented.
 Conditions apply
Fly Business Class with a
Free Ticket

 Buy three tickets and get one FREE

 Buy one ticket and pay ONLY 50% for

your companion   
 The offer is available on International
routes only

 This offer is not available on UK, USA &

Canada sectors

 This facility is only valid for the sectors

where RM is not implemented
Discount to Students on International
and Domestic Sectors

 25% discount offered to students on

Domestic routes.

 10% discount on International

routes is valid only on the routes
where RM is not implemented

 Offer can be availed exclusively

from PIA Booking Offices or the PIA
counters at the airport.

 The offer is available only for

Economy Class passengers
PIA Speedex Delivers With Speed,
Reliability, and Affordability

 PIA Speedex delivers documents

and parcels to your doorstep, with
a vast domestic network, cutting-
edge technology, and the highest
standards of customer service.

 PIA Speedex offers a range of

flexible delivery options to suit
your budget and your needs.
 Same Day Speed
 Overnight Speed
 Second Day Speed
 Seasonal Products (New)
Click 'n' Fly with PIA Web

 Secure online credit card transaction

  Convenient accessibility from home or

 Save Rs.300 per ticket
Free Pick & Drop

 PIA now offers the free pick and

drop service from your door to
 This offer will be offer only for
Business class.
PIA will give advertisement in different magazines once after
two month with a coupon of 15% off in the following

 Times Magazines
 Spider
 Arora
Newspaper Advertisement
PIA will frequently give the advertisement in
the most readable newspapers, mentioned as

 Jung
 Dawn
 Business recorder

Applications are invited on the prescribed

Form available (free of cost) in PIA
Recruitment & Placement Office at Karachi
and in PIA Offices at other stations and
also on PIA website.
Vacancies are announced on all the local
news paper and the PIA official website.
Eligibility Criteria
1) Qualification
The qualification that is compulsory for applying in
PIA is started from intermediate degree and end up
at to graduate degree and this very from job to job.
As one of the employees Amir told us in his
“PIA have dropped the required level of
education from a graduate degree to an
intermediate degree”
Eligibility Criteria

2) Age Requirement
Requirement for the age is also very from post to
post and its most probably depend upon the
experience required for a specific job. But
generally the age requirement for PIA is ranging
from 19 to 24. “The age barrier has also
shifted upwards, meaning that a candidate
must be a minimum of 19 years old and a
maximum of 24,” said Mr. Amir
Eligibility Criteria

3) Physical Requirement

Physical requirement for the candidate of

PIA is also differ from gender to gender.
The minimum required height is 5 feet, 6
inches for men and 5 feet, 2 inches for
women, with proportionate weight.

Candidates want to join PIA are go

through a strict selection procedure before
being allowed to become the part of the
PIA. Normally three types of the tests are
conducted by PIA for selecting a
candidate. Following are the tests that are

1) Physical Test
Physical test is considered the first selection
test in which the interviewer determines that
either candidate is full filling the physical
requirement for the job or not. “Their skin
quality, height and weight are noted in
the first interview session,” said PIA
Jawad Mansoor

2) Grooming Test
If candidate selected in the first interview,
the hopefuls take a grooming test. Here,
men and women present themselves in a
manner, both physical and behavioral,
befitting the job while women’s make-up
skills are also checked.
3)General Test
Once the grooming test is cleared, the candidates’ general
knowledge is tested in written and oral tests. These tests are
some times based on brainstorming.
Now days this selection tests are administered by NTS. The
selected candidates attend an intensive three to four week
training course which is organized by the airline since there
are currently no institutes in Pakistan offering training
courses for flight attendants.

During this period, the selected candidates

are trained to handle emergency situations
such as evacuation and hijacking. They are
also given basic training in first aid and are
taught to deal with problematic passengers.

PIA follows a proper compensation plan for its

As said by one of the employee;
“Principles of Compensation Discussed
Compensation will be perceived as fair if it is
comprised of a system of components
developed to maintain internal and external
Compensation include:
 Base Pay
 Commissions
 Overtime Pay
 Bonuses, Profit Sharing, Merit Pay
 Stock Options
 Travel/Meal/Housing Allowance
 Benefits including: dental, insurance, medical,
leaves, retirement,
 Autocratic Style to be
changed to Participative
 Minimal Delegation of
authority to be Maximized.
 Easy Management
 Increased Motivation
 Easy Access to information
and Resolution to the
 PIA should make its different
departments into Strategic Business
 Every SBU should have a defined
business strategy and a manager with
sales and profit responsibility

Factors should be determined for the success of SBUs

 The degree of autonomy to each SBU manager
 The degree to which an SBU shares functional programs
and facilities with other SBU's
 The manner in which the corporation evaluates and
rewards the performance of its SBU managers
 Empowering the employees
would lead to More Employee
Participation in the Decision
Making Process
 More Employee Satisfaction
 Enhanced motivation
 More Independent Employees
in discussing the issues
Explicitly without Hesitation
 Quality team and Cross-
functional teams
 More Commitment and
 PIA should also reduce its
overhead costs that are it
should mange its resources:
labor more effectively.
 the saved resources can be
utilized in other areas such as
introducing more training
courses for the employees so
that the quality of the
workforce could be increased.
 .Hiring the services of expertise
can improve the efficiency of
their services.
• Two-Way Communication
 Top-down approach should be replaced with two-way

 The employees would feel motivated and valued as they

would be included in decision-making.
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