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Epipolar Geometry:- The epipolar geometry is a geometry found between any two camera

systems. It does not depend on the scene structure. The internal parameters of the camera and
the relative pose are the things that it is dependant upon. This intrinsic geometry can b
calculated by a matrix known as Fundamental Matrix.It is an algebraic representation of the
epipolar geometry.

Fundamental Matrix:- As discussed above the fundamental matrix is used for calculation of
intrinsic geometry .It is basically a 3*3 matrix of rank 2.If we consider a point in 3-space as A
in the first view and A’ in the second view then these image points satisfy the following
relation A’tFA=0.Here T is the translation. And F is the fundamental matrix. This
fundamental matrix shows that how pixels in each image are related to the epipolar lines in
the other image.
We can calculate the fundamental matrix by the following


Using Longuet-Higgins equation i:e

Ar * t * E * Al=0. Where E is the essential matrix.
Putting values of Al and Ar and then solving for it we get the
A’*t * F * A=0.
Left Image

Right Image