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To inherit Gleam Marketing Services Pte. Ltd ( hereafter referred as GMSP) , Hallway I.T dedicated in creating innovation to meet future Customer challenge. Hallway I.T built up on July, 2007, originally, there is only representative Office of GMSP in China. Mr. Jack Lee is in charge of everything here. For better expanding Chinese market, GMSP decided to build up a new Company for business turning in China. Hallway I.T is registered in Free Trade Zone of Tianjin Harbor, relates Communication electronics material, consumer electronics material and automotive electronics components. In terms of connection convenient with suppliers, and focus on bizlink, choosed ICTC for our temporary work place. According to HIT outlook, We will search more close customer location for our working.

Hallway I.T Biz-Structure Gleam Marketing Services Pte. Ltd

Hallway I.T

Local Fabrication

Domestic Market

Overseas Market

Major Products
- Electronics Materials - CorrosionX

Products & Makers

Major Customers
- Japan
- Germany - Pakistan - Matsushida Communication - Lisi Automotive - Chaplet International

- Han Chun / Seo Jin - Green Point Group - Foxcon Telecom - Simclar Automotive Components - Sinbon Electronics

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