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PROJECT "NO SHOW" ' Ontario Provincial Police Burlington Ontario August 01,1997 February.28", 1998 Investigative Team _— y Chief Investigator: D/Insp. M.S. COUGHLIN Project Manager: D/Sgt. K.A.G. DUGUID Investigators: D/Const. R.W. SCOTT D/Const. C.J. GHEYSEN ‘PiConst. C.C. VIVIAN 00004 Chapter One Chapter Two Summary Chapter Three : History Investigation Disclosure 38 9-23 24 25-47 o0002 Chapter One HISTO) Inthe early morning of December 10", 1983, in the Town of Milton, Region of Halton, the deceased Domenic RACCO, age 32, a reputed gangster, was found shot to death lying on an abandoned snow covered railway track, RACCO was a known mobster with a substance problem who owed money to an organized crime family. Investigators found that evidence at the scene revealed three sets of footprints leading up to where RACCO was found. Only two sets of prints came out. An autopsy report would prove that the cause of death was 5 gunshot wounds. It would later be described as a mob hit. ‘A joint forces invéstigation had been ongoing in the Hamilton area into allegations of bombing and drug trafficking involving the MUSITANO crime family. This occurred prior to RACCO'S death. Private communications were intercepted pursuant to a judicial authorization and with supporting surveillance evidence, police determined RACCO'S murder ‘was related to organized crime. On March 20, 1984, four men were arrested and each charged with first-degree murder in the death of Domenic RACCO. A preliminary hearing was held in Hamilton, during the months of August and September of 1984. All four of the accused plead guilty to lesser offences on February 18%, 1985 and were sentenced to jail terms ranging between 5 to 12 years. ‘The Crown theorized that RACCO was forcibly abducted from his Bloor street apartment building in Mississauga by William RANKIN and others and driven to the outskirts of Milton Ontario were he was killed. The MUSITANO family hired RANKIN to carry out the actual killing. There was no direct evidence to prove who actually shot RACCO. It was not disputed that RANKIN was one of the two who walked RACCO to his death. Counsel denied RANKIN pulled the trigger suggesting that he was nothing more than a "foot soldier". The defence for all four accused accepted the facts in issue read info the court record. The RACCO homicide was closed. 00003