Runescape Combat Guide/F2P By Gloopy808 Combat skills are attack, defense, hit points, and strength levels

. These levels increase your combat level. Your combat level is like your main level. It is the only level that other players can see. It ranges between 3 and 138. The higher your combat level the more other players will respect you. If you are below level 33, you could be called a “noob”. This is basically what players consider combat levels to be… 1-33_______________Noob 34-49______________Average 50-75______________Good 76-138_____________Runescape Master. This is what you should train on for your level… Legend: * Should train with food ^ Only train if you have magic level 50+ for magic Defence % only train with prayer 25+ Level 3-25 Options: Goblins Dark wizards level 7^ Giant spiders Giant Rats Al-Kaharid Warriors* Level 26-34 Options: Dark wizards level 7^ Al-Kaharid Warriors^ Level 35-49 Options: Dark wizards level 7 Jail Guards Hill Giants^ Wizards
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Level 50-65 Lesser Demons^ Dark Wizards level 20^ Dark wizards level 7 Hill Giants Deadly Red Spiders Level 66+ Keep training on whatever worked well for you
Note: When you get to level 75 you can train on greater demons with food.

Reminders 1. Magic and Range Trains Hit points too 2. The reason I recommend level 7 dark Wizards for level 3 to level 65 is because they have good drops not good xp and at level 55 you can make 50k and you killing them. The best F2P armor is… Rune full helm Rune plate body Rune plate legs Rune Kite Shield Rune scimitar Cape Leather boots Power Amulet

Requirements 40 Defense 40 Defense and you must have completed Dragon Slayer 40 Defense 40 Defense 40 Attack None None None

Note: until you have completed dragon slayer wear a rune chain body instead of a plate body.

The cost of this is about 230000. You can smith the armor but you need 99 smithing level to smith all of it.

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