Jen: Mitchell 49 Abbots Park St Albans Herts Westcot Credit Services Ltd PO BOX 137 HU2 8HF Your

ref: 41545633 (your recent original letter attached)

DATED 22nd November Dear Mrs L Johnson Thank you for your letter dated 20th November 2009 You seem to have misunderstood some of my points and have ignored my request for you not to contact me again, but as you are determined to maintain that you somehow have a claim over me then I would ask you to make clear what those claims are: You mention that the account has been put on hold whilst you await proposals for how I will repay and yet you still fail in providing clarity of any alleged debt that I owe. Until you can provide me with: 1: proof of contract between me, Jen: Mitchell and you, Westcot Credit Services or for that matter Npower, (Please remember that a contract must have): Four basic principles • • • • Full disclosure Equal Consideration Lawful terms Signed by both parties

2: Proof of signed invoice for any debt that you allege that I owe and dates and times of this debt being incurred. I will absolutely deny your claim over me until all documents are presented by you. In light of the fact that you think that you can deal directly with me in relation to Npowers business dealings, I will, as I am reasonable, allow you to do that. Yours Sincerely, without ill will, vexation or frivolity,

Jen: Mitchell (Agent) All rights, privileges and powers reserved without prejudice.

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