What after all is the concept of God for the average guy?

From what I can gather from the actions and conversations of people, God is the Creator of this world and runs this world. We are supposed to be one of his children or are we and have imposed the idea of being his children so that He is forced to treat us as His children and take care of us? God is all that we aspire of and the highest Aspiration that we can conceive of; or at least so we lead ourselves to believe. We would rather die hungry but build temples. We would allow ourselves to be impoverished but dress up our God in silk and gold. We shower the best foods on our Gods and hope that He will be pleased and in return offer us goodies four-fold beyond our expectations. Everyone designs his God in his expectations so a plethora of Them roam this earth. How real are they? Do they have any basis in some real phenomena? Can anyone really prove it? We really do not have answers so the argument is unending and enclosed within its parameters are all the ills, evils and kindness of the human race.

Humans are an ingenious breed. Once the Gods have been appeased, their importance is immediately placed on the practical balance of everyday affairs and if needed they are sidelined. Often we have no time to give them the obeisance we believe is due to them so we strike a bargain by putting them up at crossroads;

this permits us to pay our daily prayer without side-stepping into a temple/place of worship on which we have earlier sent fortunes to build. It is another matter that this same God whom we pray to is left to toast under the sun, or be dry-cleaned under the rain

and chilled in the winters. He is there finally to serve us and his place is where we need him at our convenience. If it has to be at the confluence of cross-roads then so be it. The miniature versions soon become a nuisance and are immediately thrown under a tree or in a stream when they have served us. One does wonder what value we are giving to our Gods. See the number of Greeting card with the Gods adorning them to be crushed underfoot and/or thrown out with the common garbage?

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