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Proposed Research Methodology

A typical two stage survey base research design will be followed to investigate the issues. first
phase will discusses about respondent profile. Their name, address, sex and others. Add with
marital status and level of home ownership. Exploratory research will be conducted to finalize
the research instrument, add their interest for the houses, ability and plan to purchase the houses.
The research is to assessment of the potential demand for housing in the future in Siburan. It
pointed out that the residents of the area surrounding Siburan were mainly villagers of low to
middle income and would of course want to buy the low cost houses and not the high cost houses
and commercial property. a factorial design allows for the use of more than one factor,
simultaneously by forming group of all possible combinations of the value of the various
variable used.
The factorial design will be by ethnicity as Malay, Chinese and Dayak with their advertisements
model of houses. This factorial design and advertising model will be base on the gaps identified
and propositions. Reaction towards advertisements of those targeted or non targeted will be
measured in term of model, square size of land, facilities and safety of houses.
This data will analyze by SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social). They collecting data than
analyze the data using particular method. From the point of view of statistic, the data likely to be
used SPSS data is quantitative data.