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Alfred Nobel: A Legacy of Excellence in Peace and Leadership

Jadyn Frank

Process Paper
Why I chose this topic:
The reason I choose Alfred Nobel is because a lot of people do not know a lot about the man
behind the Nobel Peace Prize. When I learned Alfred Nobel was the inventor of dynamite and
the creator of the internationally known Nobel Peace Prize, it inspired me to do my research on
Alfred Nobel to share his amazing story of leadership and peace advocacy. Nobel was an
innovative man and wanted to contribute to society well after his death.
How I conducted my research:
I used mainly the internet to conduct my research. The website I used a lot was
It gives a full history of Alfred Nobel; and shows what motivated him to create the Nobel Peace
Prize. The website also had lots of great photographs of his family and the Nobel Peace Prize
How I created and developed my website:
I created my project by using to make the website itself. The website provided
a way for me to include photographs and text that showed a timeline of Alfred Nobels life, from
his early influences of working with his family to owning and operating several international
dynamite manufacturing companies. The website provided a visual way for me to tell Alfred
Nobels story and how his life and actions related to the leadership theme.
How my project relates to the NHD theme (leadership):
Alfred Nobel was an inventor, scientist and humanitarian. He believed in the good things people
can do for the world. He wanted to lead a generation into a new era of peace, through his death

he set up a way to honor people who believed in something greater, who fight for what is right
and lead others to also stand up for their beliefs. The Nobel Peace Prize winners all are leaders in
their own right. Albert Einstein believed in a theory, even when others doubted him, he did not
let go of what he believed in. Mr. Luther King Jr. led peaceful protest to stand up for equality.
Malala Yousafzai was shot by the Taliban because she stood up to them fighting for the
education of young girls in Pakistan, she almost lost her life. All these people won a Nobel Peace
Prize because they dared to show leadership even when it meant being laughed at, or called
crazy, or even threatened their life. They made a difference in the world and that is the legacy of
peace Alfred Nobel wanted to be remembered for and recognize those who demonstrate greatest
in leadership, by believing in themselves.