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Fitting Equivalent

Pipe Length

e.g. 30D = 30
x diameter of
90 degree elbow 30D
45 degree elbow 20D
T straight through 16D
T through side 60D
Swept 90 bend 4-8D
Open gate valve 9D
Open globe valve 275D
Full bore non return valve 6D
Butterfly valve 20D
Loss of Air Pressure in Hose Caused by Friction
Equivalent Length
Description of Product in Pipe Diameters
--With no obstruction in
flat, bevel, or plug-type Fully open 340
Stem Perpen- dicular to Run seat
--With wing or pin
Fully open 450
guided disk
Globe Valves --(No obstruction in flat,
bevel, or plug type seat)
--With stem 60 degrees
Y-Pattern Fully open 175
from run of pipe line
--With stem 45 degrees
Fully open 145
from run of pipe line
--With no obstruction in
flat, bevel, or plug-type Fully open 145
Angle Valves seat
--With wing or pin
Fully open 200
guided disk
Fully open 13
Wedge, Disk, Double Disk, Three-quarters open 35
or Plug Disk One-half open 160
One-quarter open 900
Gate Valves
Fully open 17
Three-quarters open 50
Pulp Stock
One-half open 260
One-quarter open 1,200
Conduit Pipe Line
Gate, Ball, and Fully open --3**
Plug Valves
Conventional Swing --0.5† …. Fully open 135
Clearway Swing --0.5† …. Fully open 50
--Stem Perpendicular to
Globe Lift or Stop; Run or Y-Pattern 2.0† Fully open Same as Globe
Check Valves
Angle Lift or Stop --2.0† .… Fully open Same as Angle
--2.5 vertical and 0.25
In-Line Ball Fully open 150
horizontal† .…
Foot Valves with Strainer --With poppet lift-type Fully open 420
disk 0.3†
--With leather-hinged
disk 0.4† Fully open 75
Butterfly Valves
(8-inch and Fully open --40
--Rectangular plug port
Straight-Through are equal to
--100% of pipe area Fully open 18
Cocks --Rectangular plug port
Flow straight through 44
are equal to
--80% of pipe area (fully
Flow through branch 140
90-Degree Standard Elbow 30
--45-Degree Standard Elbow 16
--90-Degree Long Radius Elbow 20
--90-Degree Street Elbow 50
--45-Degree Street Elbow 26
--Square Corner Elbow 57
--With flow through run 20
Standard Tee --With flow through
--Close Pattern Return Bend 50
† Minimum calculated
** Exact equivalent length is
equal to the length between drop (psi) across valve to provide sufficient flow to
flange faces or welding ends lift disk fully.