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The Clone Stamp Tool

By yours truly, Matthew Rosas and John Nance

Clone Stamp(9th Tool) Click for Clone Stamp Tool IF NOT THERE ALREADY Hold left click then release over the Clone Stamp Tool .

etc. mother-in-law)  Artistic effects . vignetting. tears.Clone Stamp Tool abilities  The clone stamp tool is probably the most tedious tool in Photoshop. but at the same time may be one of the most  Important tools. trash. scratches. When restoring old photos it is indispensable. The clone tool is useful for the following purposes:  Fixing defects in photographs (dust.)  Removing unwanted items from a picture (phone wires. stains. It is used for copying (or “cloning”) one part of a  Picture to another.

choose the Clone Stamp Tool. then mouseclick. every new stroke re-starts cloning your image from the source point.How to Use the Clone Stamp Tool  Open an image to your choice.  Paint with the copied pixels. even after you complete a stroke.  Point the cursor at the image area you want to paint with. That is. every new stroke continues the image started by the first stroke. You have just selected the source point for cloning. In other words.  From the Toolbox.  The "Aligned" gadget in the Options bar (checked by default) forces the source point to follow your mouse. set the tool's tip size and hardness as we did it for the Brush Tool. hold down [Alt] key.  In the Options bar. .  Deselecting the "Aligned" option starts the sample point back to its original location every time you release the mouse button.

Example: before and after before after .