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Q1: What do you mean by word processor? Write its features?
Q2: How do we create, save and open a document in MS-Word. Write steps with dialog box?
Q3: What do you mean by View of a document? What are different views available in MS-Word?
Q4: What is Find and Replace in MS-Word? Explain with its dialog box?
Q5: What are Auto Correct and their different types?
Q6: What do you mean by spell and grammar? Explain with dialog box?
Q7: What do you mean by page break? what different break available in MS-Word?
Q8: What do you mean by Border and Shading explains with dialog box?
Q9: What is mail merge? How do we create it? Explain in detail?
Q10: How do we insert header and footer in MS-Word?
Q11: What is difference between Workbook and Worksheet?
Q12: What do you mean by Thesaurus?
Q13: Explain following function with example?
1. MAX()
2. ABS()
3. SQRT()
4. POWER()
Q14: How do we insert a chart in Excel using chart wizard?
Q15: What do you mean by sorting in Excel?
Q15: What is Goal Seek and Scenario in MS-Excel?
Q16: How do we create a presentation in MS-PowerPoint using blank and auto content wizard?
Q17: What do you mean by custom animation? How do we insert this into our presentation?
Q18: What is slide layout and slide design in MS-PowerPoint?
Q19: How do we insert image, audio and video in slide?
Q20: what are handouts and speakers notes in MS-PowerPoint?
Note: - Last date of assignment file submission is- 30/10/2014
After the above date no file will be submitted and 5 marks will be deducted.