Bradford Conservation Commission Meeting December 15, 2009 Minutes Members present: Monique Priestley, Ed Wendell, Tom Gray, Gary

Tillotson, Nancy Jones, Richard Bolander Meeting called to order by Nancy Jones, Chair, at 18:30. Minutes of December 02 meeting were approved as written Finances - unanimous vote to pay the following bill: • • $130.00 payable to Journal Opinion for advertising for “Paddle the Border” and “Thank You” from L.E.A.F. payable from the Bradford Conservation Commission account. $50.00 payable to Carl Etnier for conduct of a L.E.A.F. workshop payable from L.E.A.F. account.

Energy Committee • The Selectboard has approved their allocation in the 2010 Budget as matching funds to leverage application for a Energy Efficiency Community Block Grant. • Bradford Elementary School has submitted a proposal for “Solar in Schools”, a program to install federally-funded solar power systems in school buildings.

Stewardship • No progress has been made in getting Jason Fornwaldt to reinforce the berm at the trail head. Tom Gray to contact Jason. • Bradford Merchants Assoc. has agreed to write a letter of support for the acquisition of the Thomas property. • No progress has been in doing the appraisal on the Thomas property. Robert Lamprey, intended to perform the appraisal, had not been contacted by UVLT to conduct same. He has subsequently received authorization and will conduct the appraisal in January. Conservation Fund/Land Conservation • • Colatina’s Buck-A-Pie Week netted $504 for the Conservation Fund Sewer and Water Board has agreed to enter into negotiations with TPL for Bradford Municipal Forest to be conserved.

Green-Up • No feedback on how many tickets for tires were submitted. The balance of the Green-Up funding still to be determined.

Other - Next Selectboard meeting December 22 Next BCC Meeting: Thursday, January 7, 6:30 pm Closed at 17:00 Respectfully submitted, Richard Bolander [ Page 1 of 1 ]

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