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Dear 5Ren Students,!

Now that we have completed our Unit of Inquiry on Where We Are In Place And Time, please
reflect on the process by answering the following questions with detail please:!

1. What invention did you choose to research and why did you choose it?!
I chose silk because it seemed interesting to me as I always wondered of how silk was made when
I was in India and how it would be used in the future.!

2. What concept questions led your research? CAUSATION, CONNECTION, CHANGE. Use your
Inquiry Guide if you are unsure.!
How did it affect other civilisations?!
How did invention of silk connect the past to the present?!
How would silk be changed in the future?!
3. How did you feel about the research process? Did you have enough information in World Book,
2clicks, kidrex, non-fiction books or other sources?!
I felt a little confused because the information that the websites gave me were sometimes not
related to the topic and it gave me a hard time trying to find out more about silk although Kidrex
gave mesoe interesting websites that I stuck on to while doing my research process.!
4. What was the hardest part about the research process - what did you find challenging or
troubling about it?!
I thought finding the topic of silk websites was the hardest- wonderopolis didnt give my that much
information that I wanted.!
5. Were you happy with the connections you made to the past and present? How could this have
been improved?!
I was happy that I got to have lots of detail and information even if maybe I can research more.!
6. What was your favourite part of this Unit?!
My favourite part was when we did powtoons because it was new for me, and I really enjoyed the
transitions and slides but I think that I can improve on my timing for the slides.!
7. On a scale of 1 - 10, how do you feel about the success of the PowToon process? Was it hard,
tricky, easy, frustrating etc?!
On a scale out 1 to 10 I would say 9 because sometimes they were lots of errors with the music
and sometimes they were undoing the pictures that I didnt wantso I would say that sometimes it
was a little frustrating.!
8. How did you make your presentation unique to you?!
I made my presentation unique to me as I used different meanings and styles that really pops up to

9. Did you have a successful recording partnership? Discuss with detail please.!
I think I didnt have a successful partnership because It did take a long time and it took days to get
my recording finished.!
10. What have you taken away from this Unit Of Inquiry - what have you learned about yourself,
what will you do differently next time? etc!

I learnt that they are many learning steps if you want to learn about a invention and that sometimes
it takes time and lots of frustration to get it done.