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MANITOWOC SPECIFICATIONS 5 © MANITOWOC 1976 TAILSWING OVER LUGS WITH: NoGw | 171014" (@.620m) ‘One Cw. _| 19° 8” 165m) Two Outs. | 1673%" (4.972m) Three Gms. | 1773!" (6.266) cat | J Ee [ies a [ees ee acitted ais bat a Leeann 189 77Tel © One brs FW (520m e740 fos 02 |e rouNos Pounos complete with 9 No. 8A Hamer need 0m, ganty and backnneh, bom ret ee Moning and pendants hes wie’ rope Done BOOM BUTT: (lens wire rope and pendant) Mi8oNe coporwors package eounterwegha and HANMERHEAD BOOM TOP: (eaupped oa Complete Ca nn aaser0 i a compile wih baste machinery, boom pom, teaver and wna eluding drune, Sut not eudng. gan and Rar unparboom pol 39 eas, “ont oh ‘acon’ oF counter Tota ase See et atew oom wens: Insert" th pendants) oxo wih contr ost and rly path, Joe Ineo — 10" fn benaens) 138 bumper countorslgh Os00 pound) an ent pa wn paneer ue nd Yur cutrigoreoveies 6925 pou Inert 40 fh boners) ie 80 Inner Midge Outer Weigh are approximate (component arson, WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION FOR TRAVELING CHART ON PAGE 7. CRANE POWER PLANTS ope cyt | wore | stoke | _piapincamont | Mfatywhoa™ Basic Cumming LTAA0-0325 6 | ser | sae #0 '310@ 2000 ‘OPTIONAL Detroit Dose BV-71N @ | 425 | S000" 568 276 @ 2000 ‘Ar Compressor: 182 elm Fuel Tank Gspacty: 75 gallons. ‘Tandem compressors (145 clm each) required in place of sing ‘han boom hoist, om stop and drum elutch controls. ir compressor on all non-VICON models with any ar contols other UPPER MACHINERY ROTATING BED: one-piece, heavy reinforced steel fabrt- ‘cation with integral machinery side frames. Provides rigid deck for power plant, house rollers, rotating machinery, A-frame and ‘boom hinge. Houses swing lock and swing gear. HOUSE ROLLERS: 4 2 Front, antifriction besring-mounted, 2 Rear, antifetion boaring-mounted. HOOK ROLLERS: Justment. 2 Front antiriction bearing-mounted. 4 Rear antiriction bearing-mounted 6 Mounted on eccentrie shaft for 0c A-FRAME: Supports gantry, independent boom hoist, and counterweight, Fabricated steel roof supports and vertical Center lags; heavy bar front and roar logs. All Joints bolt and pin-connected. POWER TRANSMISSION, NON-VICON: Engin mounted. S-stage torque converter transmits power through chain drive to horizontal swing crive shaft — tho beginning ower source for hoist, swing and independent boom hoist. Chain drives fully enclosed and run in oil Speed and power ‘output requirements vary with engine APM which is controlled by hand and/or foot throttle. Consult factory for appropriate chain sprocket ratios. POWER TRANSMISSION, VICON®: The VICON (Vari- able Independent CONtto! — Patented) system provides step- toss variable control power transmission for various machine functions. Engine power is divided at transmission caso and tranamited to two controled torque converters. Through chain ‘ives, ear converter powers horizon swing dive sha (which ts beginning power source for independent boom host) wh font converter supplies holst power. Controls arranged 10 engage clutches wile litle or no toraue fs transmitted from power eource, vinually eliminating clutch slippage and wear hain erves fully enclosed and run in oll. Since speed and ower requirements vary, consult factory for appropriste tans- mission and chain sprocket ratios. HORIZONTAL SWING DRIVE SHAFT: Alloy set shat, antifsction besring-mounted. Swing oluiches mounted on cast steel hub splined to shaft. Integral clutch spiders and bevel pinion, ball besring-mounted. evel pinions, totally enclosed fand oll spray lubricated, drive the inlormeciate vertical swing shall. Sprockst on shalt provides drive for independent boom holst. Forced.air cooling provided for non-VICON machines with clam combination. SWING CLUTCHES: single-aisc clutches, splined to hor'- zontal swing drive shaft, ae manvally applied by axiakpressure ‘cam levers whien apply cluteh pressure evenly over entire friction area, providing very smooth swing action. Cam faces separated by antifietion roller bearings which take axial thrust to minimize friction. Clutch disc assombly caslly removed for replacement of clutch facing INTERMEDIATE VERTICAL SWING SHAFT: Alloy see, antirition bearing mounted. Bevel goar splined to upper fond driven by horizontal swing drive shaft bevel pinions. Spur pinion, splined on lower end, engages swing gear and drives vertical swing shatt VERTICAL SWING SHAFT: alloy steel, antitiction bear- Jing mounted shaft. Swing gear on top driven by spur pinio ‘of intermesiate vertical swing shaft. Pinion on bottom engage ring gear intogral with roller path. SWING BRAKE: External contracting, manual brake. Drum Is splined to upper end of forged alloy steel shaft which is bushing mounted in the rolaling bod slightly behind, above ‘and to one side of the vertical ewing shaft. Integral spur inion on lower end of Drake shaft engages swing goar. Foot pedal control latches for parking, SWING LOCK: Heavy goar segment, manually controlled, ‘engages swing gear, Operates independent of intermediate ver- tical swing shat. High-tension spring link cushions engagement. (Upper Machinery Continued on page 4)