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6573900... LIFT e CLAM e DRAG e GRAPPLE e MAGNET OUTLINE DIMENSIONS ‘Do not ecale this drawing. Rotation j—r7% (230m) ne! 112 = ihe) =e 5 He sa (0.a7m) teats {a (120m) Tees Le-o33° (2.02) cartooym! Ie 8 7 (2.62m)—e le —a 5" (2 57m) <— 10174" (810) 18'1)" (4 6m) Garba oe F168" (5.8m) Win 38° (097) Tees 180%" (75m) Bac of Counteriot 5 (6.38m) wt 48° IS rin Saka Cane. 78" (6.3m) With 8" (1.22) Tees $76) (634m) Over Sta . All dimensions aro for Model 2900 VICON® with universal operator's “18s (5 4m) Lowered Gay Taina ‘modula and outelde crawler chive. POWER PLANTS T Cubic Inch Net HP Mode! Cylinder Bore | Stroke Displacement — | (at flywheel). ‘BASIC ‘Cummins NT-855-C310_ 6 5.500" (140mm) _|6.000" (162mm) B55(1401160) | 287 @ 2,000 |Caterpillar 34068 DITA* 6 5.400" (137mm) |6.500" (165mm) 893 (14.634cc) | 345 @ 2,000 DRUMS AND LAGGINGS ee xm [smal] Siete “without ratchet ring . For other options, consult factory. WEIGHTS ous” igre? Pets" Kian? LIFTCRANE (complete): lowerworks, Regular Top, 20' (215m) equipped with Upperworks, Gnd 60" {18.30m) bashes Estheave point and baste bride set rs -s<-A202 1908 ebm sss 209485 104.186 Insets: CANBODY AND UPPERWORIS (com: 1 (205m) with pondants and wir rope bined) complete with baste mactinery, toll guide 1160527 site gay bckeh equoar an 20" (6 10m) wih pendanis and wire rope boom feta wre rope seve 94850 42926 follergudose ferent teers: 1880 878 ioweawonest <2" nad ipa role gulae 101885 cakodys ti ee mechanism, king 29,000 13,166 30 (915m) with’ pendants, wire rope pla snd meses hei s ‘ i rol guide, angbbackstayiugs« 2660 1,208 Erawlor Assemblies (2, wit 36° (3m) rol ules: an PBs oe) ae wae treads and cule dive chats endant Spreader Bat 200. = at Sach assonbly 22890 bs 487 Age) ns... 41660 10918 For 48" (1.22m) treads, add 4,170 Ibs. JIB NO. 123: {899 kg) to each erwin asc0mblyr..,. 60,000 22.700 Bul TS" (436m) <....... e013 : inser 10 (205m). So ts UPPERWORKS: Top, 15' (4.58m) with point assembly 695, a6 Rotaing Bed, complete wit basicmachin- Batie Pondant, 2 required, each 118 Ibs. orynelucing eros but ol gantry and come rend Seen Beckniteh, font end atachinants. or ea i ii 8 counterweight me 640 7 fear aad Gantry and Backhiteh 4200 poe aula “1080 tbs oor tgs) a0 ut ‘eleccopic Boon Stop 50 37 Kas Removable Counterwoight (3-pe Strut, 126" (381m) — _ Inner . 32,000 JIB NO, 12: mile: + 2e.s00 Bur, 15" (456m) 410186 Outer. ‘S500 Insen, 10 (05h). 3 ‘a0 foal 74000, Tope is (assum wih poinasseniby.-.. 0048 Drage Fai Basic Pendant fo as Revelung Tyee cesee 1910 Pondant2 por inset each 20 bs. 608 Finged pe a0 foo) ca a8 aig Pandan 2 ecires each i But SONS Ian) less wie rope and tes (6896 kgs) vrs 200 1a Sut, 20" aso tare Stu 18 (40m). ge 178 Spen Trost Top, 30:05) equipped with sheave Tower ‘point 2sheave *Woignts are approximate and may vary between machinos 26a Jpper pot and baste pondanis 49252200 “Tesul of design changes and component vaatons, GENERAL CONTROLS: Modulating sir controls engage Gltches for amt dive shat boom nol and SWING SPEED: independent Swing, vatia-_ TRAVEL SPEED: Variable, 1.45. GlUmS, WW VICON, control lovers for drums, ble, 4.50 RPM maximum. Standard Swing, MPH (233 KPH) maximum variable, 4.95 APM maximum. GRADEABILITY: 30%, MACHINERY HOUSE: Stee! house fully encioses upperworks machinery. Ser- vice doors lett side rear, left front, and in roof, plus root ladder provide easy access. Catwalks and railings optional. UNIVERSAL OPERATOR'S MODULE: Fully-enclosed and insulated module Isolates operator from machinery noise. Large, rubber-mounted safely glass. windows provide wide-angle view. Sliding door right side; sliding window left side; overhead window for high-boom vision. Signal hora standard; windshield wiper, fan, heater, and air conditioner optional. Optional elevated modules pro- Vide operator eye level 14" (4.27m) or 18° (6.4m) above ground travel, and swing operate both clutch and conver- ter. First movement engages clutch; further movement increases converter output permitting variable speed. Drum brakes are pedal-operated, mechanically applied on iftrane and air-applied fon duty cycle machines. Travel locks, steering, and swing lock are air controlled, Slide pinion is ‘manually controlled.