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September 24, 2014

Sacajawea Professional Learning Community Time (3:00-4:00)

Staff Meeting (4:00-4:15)

PLCT Agenda
a. SuccessMaker, Olweus, RtI Files in Milepost
b. Shakeout Drill 10.22.14 @ 10:22 a.m.
c. Code Blue Team (Bill, Deidre, Rae, Rick, Troy, Theresa, Alicia, and
d. RtI Schedule (sign up for slots)


Staff Meeting
a. Cross Town Theme SAC Busters (Ghost Busters)?
b. Wellness-Kristin
c. Operation Happy Holidays Letter
d. Races for Rachel (10/7 @10:00, Gym)
e. Flying Fish (parking spot winner)


Dates to Remember
a. 9/23/14 Lesson Study Model
3:30 p.m., K RW
3:45 p.m., 2nd RW
b. 9/24/14 8:00 a.m., 5th IEP Meeting, Kathys room
PTA Fundraiser Items Due-bring $ to office
10:00 a.m., Rae @ Preschool Visit (Dannelle covers)
PLCT: Success Maker, Olweus, RtI files on Milepost
h. 9/25/14 4th Energy Field Trip (B5, C5)
8:00 a.m., K IEP Meeting, Kathys room
9:00 a.m., Rae gone to VV (Debbie/Theresa cover)
3:30 p.m., 3rd RW

i. 9/26/14

j. 9/29/14
k. 9/30/14

l. 10/1/14

3:45 p.m, 1st RW

4:30 p.m., PTA Fundraiser Count, Library
8:00 a.m., Non-Tenured Meeting, Office
4th Energy Field Trip (B6)
Para/Overload Aide Training, DOB
Para Interviews @ DOB (Debbie/Dannelle cover)
Dont forget about Biometric Screening tomorrow
6:45 a.m, Biometric Screenings/Flu Shot-Lounge
3:30 p.m., K Read Well
3:45 p.m., 2nd Read Well
8:45 a.m., Think Kindness Assembly, Gym (K-3)
9:30 a.m., Think Kindness Assembly, Gym (4-6)
1:00 p.m., Rae @ DOB for Meeting, (Theresa/Dannelle
PLCT: Department/ Grade Level Planning

Quote of the Week: