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100 murders, suspicious deaths and suicides

with significant links to the

Westminster-VIP paedophile network

The Westminster/VIP abuse network linked to Islington, Westminster, Lambeth & Richmond councils,
Whitehall, MOD, MI5, MI6, the Diplomatic Service, Holland, Jersey, the Conservative Research Dept. (CRD)
& Tory Central Office (CCO), members' clubs, the Royal household, MPs & peers, police, special branch,
judges, lobbyists & child-procurers is connected to multiple murders, 'suicides' & suspicious deaths.

The killings, thought to number more than 100, date from the 1970s to the recent past.
Many of the prematurely-deceased victims were residents, or past residents, of homes & other facilities in:
1. North Wales (Bryn Alyn - Bryn Estyn - Ty'r Felin - Cartrefle[?]);
2. Merseyside (Greystone Heath approved school);
3. Northern Ireland's Kincora (Boys' Home in Belfast);
4. Richmond upon Thames Borough Council (Grafton Close children's home);
5. Lambeth Borough Council (Shirley Oaks and Angell Road children's homes);
6. Westminster City Council (Finchley Place and Castle Road children's homes);
7. Islington Borough Council (Elm Guest House in Rocks Lane - Conewood Street assessment centre - 114
Grosvenor Avenue - Gisburne House);
8. Bayswater (34 Inverness Terrace);
9. Surrey (Duncroft Approved School for Girls); and
10. The Channel Islands's Haut de la Garenne children's home & St Saviour's Hospital
Other reported sites of organised child abuse involving VIPs and, in some cases, suspected murders:
1. Northern Ireland (the Europa Hotel in Belfast);
2. North Wales (Crest Hotel - Wrexham Golf Club - Gerwyn Hall & Marchwiel Hall nr Wrexham - flat occupied by
dep. head of Bryn Estyn Peter Howarth - flat occupied by Reginald Gareth "Gary" Cooke (has also used the alias
Mark Grainger) - properties traceable to John Allen, frmr owner & head of Bryn Alyn, inc 66 Stockwell Rd Wrexham)
3. North Yorkshire ('Michael's/The Penthouse Club' in Scarborough - 'The Chamber Club' in Whitby & other sites)
4. Suffolk (the Thornham Magna estate of Lord Henniker)
5. NHS (Broadmoor psychiatric hospital - Leeds General Infirmary, including nurses' flats - Stoke Mandeville
hospital - Rampton hospital - Roecliffe Manor);
6. Westminster (Dolphin Sq flats tenanted by MPs Robert Banks & David Steel - Derek Laud's flat in Winchester St
that was also home to his partner Michael Brown MP - Ludgate Communications [Westminster lobbying agency] Ian Greer Associates [Westminster lobbying agency] including a Dolphin Sq flat this agency rented on a permanent
basis - the Carlton Club - the Liberal Club - the Athenaeum club? - A property in Avondale Rd, Mortlake to which
kids in care were reportedly taken en route to Elm Guest House; London train stations; the streets of Kings Cross
7. BBC studios and dressing rooms;
8. Ministry of Defence sites, including Queen Elizabeth II Barracks in Strensall - possibly facilities in Wrexham - and
possibly RAF Northolt;
9. Jersey (privately-owned yachts [among them those owned by Sir Edward Heath] - the Jersey Opera House);
10. The Netherlands (Amsterdam [including the 'Blue Boy Club'] and Zandvoort). Russell Tricker and two
businesses, 'Toffs' Travels' and 'Toffs' Apartments', are linked to Amsterdam and possible child snuff films.
11. Denmark (Copenhagen: site of a reputed child pornography video business owned by a niece of John Allen's)
12. Other addresses across the UK including, but not limited to: a property in Palmeira Ave in Hove near Brighton;
Rock St in Brighton; a hotel on Hove seafront; Edgware Rd in London; Sea Rd in Bexhill plus a house next to a
church in Bexhill; Chester Rd in Manchester; and Nevinson Avenue in South Shields.
13. Cruise liners (SS Canberra - the QE2)

'Michael Hames, the former head of Scotland Yard's Obscene Publications Squad,
once told me that he never doubted paedophiles were killing children in care.'
investigative journalist Eileen Fairweather

The Westminster/VIP paedophile network

At first glance any given paedophile ring may appear to operate distinct from, and independently of, other rings in
other locations. But look again, more closely.
Fact is, 'VIP' paedophile rings often overlap with one another, often sharing some of the same elite organisers,
protagonists, enablers, and 'customers' (i.e. abusers).
The Westminster/VIP paedophile network is a spider's web of overlapping paedophile rings; the 'top' spiders in many
cases know each other.
Many paedophile operations have been organised, enabled and patronised by 'respectable' men and women at
the top of British society and the UK's deep state.
Who runs the show? (i) Working on behalf of financial interests, the Security & Intelligence services plus their assets &
front operations; (ii) political stooges on behalf of the same; (iii) members of fraternal organisations & secret societies
which magnify the elite's influence & power. Some common factors across VIP paedophile rings in the British Isles:

Individuals involved in the trafficking of minors from location to location to be abused

Examples have included John Allen (Mr X), former owner-manager of the Bryn Alyn Community of children's homes in
North Wales; 'Boys for Questions' ringleader Ian Greer; and certain child brothel-keepers who 'pimped out' kids to
elites and in return received a degree of protection from prosecution.

Geographically-mobile individuals carrying out child abuse roles within and between regions and
Examples have included Jimmy Savile, Edward Heath & Mountbatten, all of whom travelled far & wide.

Certain institutions that facilitated the trafficking of children from location to location; the procurement and
supply of children; or the ongoing covering-up of sexual abuse
Examples have included the security and intelligence services; Islington Council under Margaret Hodge; the
Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE); Westminster City Council and quite possibly the NSPCC under Peter
Wanless (as well as Esther Rantzen and her wretched 'ChildLine' charity).

Patronage and protection coming from the top: political / police / security services / Royal

To summarise, the British Isles and Channel Islands are blighted by a VIP paedophile network, fostered and utilised by
occultists and deep-state agents of the financial-political elite. These elites shape domestic and world affairs for the
purpose of enriching themselves further, and expanding their political power.

Be informed. Read these journalists and bloggers:

Truth Tellers (to the best of our knowledge - caution advised)
Eileen Fairweather, Leah McGrath Goodman, Don Hale, Peter Sawyer, Nick Davies, David Hencke,
Mark Watts and Mark Conrad (the latter three writing for continue to expose the VIP paedophiles and
traffickers, protectors and enablers, past and present - including the cover-ups.
Freelance Journalists, Campaigners (again, caution advised)
Dr Liz Davies ( is a heroic campaigner for exposure and justice. Other whistle-blowers, freelance journalists
and campaigners include Anna Tapsall; Mary Moss & Chris Fay; Peter McKelvie;
Bill Maloney; & Andrea Davison (formerly of Scallywag,, as well as contributors to the
North Yorks Enquirer,, the UK Column and the Richie Allen Show (the latter two broadcasting on
YouTube). A number of blogs are also instructive, eg, 'SpotlightonAbuse', 'bitsofbooksblog', 'cathyfox', 'brynalynvictims' & 'IanPace'. For
more context: and


(C) = child or young person


SE England, N Ireland, France, The Netherlands:

Bulic Forsythe
Lambeth Caretaker - unnamed
Vishal Mehrotra (C)
Dolphin Square Girl, 15-years-old (C)
Dolphin Square Boy #1 (C)
Dolphin Square Boy #2 (C)
Dolphin Square Boy #3 (C)
Thornham Magna Man (Down's syndrome sufferer in his 30s)
Frank Beck
Simon O'Donnell (C)
Colin Fiddaman
Ian Henning
Peter Hatton-Bornshin (C)
Peter Davis (C)
Carole Kasir
David Smith
Jill Dando
Lord Louis Mountbatten, Nicholas Knatchbull, Paul Maxwell, The Dowager Lady Bradbourne
Lord Louis Mountbatten, Nicholas Knatchbull, Paul Maxwell, The Dowager Lady Bradbourne (C)
Lord Louis Mountbatten, Nicholas Knatchbull, Paul Maxwell, The Dowager Lady Bradbourne (C)
Lord Louis Mountbatten, Nicholas Knatchbull, Paul Maxwell, The Dowager Lady Bradbourne
Iain Mills MP
Martin Allen (C)
Judge Rodney McKinnon
William McRae
Diana Princess of Wales, Dodi Fayed
Diana Princess of Wales, Dodi Fayed
Boy killed in Amsterdam for snuff film (C)
Jason Swift / the 'Sidney Cooke' murders [up to 20 murders] (C)
Tony McGrane (C)
Vivian Loki (C)
Broadmoor Hospital woman #1
Broadmoor Hospital woman #2
James Chalkley, George Chalkley
James Chalkley, George Chalkley
QE2 cruise woman
Clair McAlpine (C)
Gordon Dawson
Simon Milton


North Wales:
Robert Chapman
Robert Arthur Smith (C)
Barry Williams (C)
Peter Davies
Adrian Johns (C)
Andrew Manners, Mabel Smith Roberts, Timothy Sharpe, Paul Jones, Trevor Carrington (C)
Andrew Manners, Mabel Smith Roberts, Timothy Sharpe, Paul Jones, Trevor Carrington (C)
Andrew Manners; Mabel Smith Roberts, Timothy Sharpe, Paul Jones, Trevor Carrington (C)
Andrew Manners, Mabel Smith Roberts, Timothy Sharpe, Paul Jones, Trevor Carrington (C)
Andrew Manners, Mabel Smith Roberts, Timothy Sharpe, Paul Jones, Trevor Carrington (C)
Heath Kelvin Jones (C)
Peter Wynn (C)
Brendon Randalls (C)
Richard Williams (C)
Craig Wilson (C)
Leander 'Lea' Johns (aka Lee/Lea Homberg) (C)
Mark Humphreys(C)
Simon Birley (C)
Tony Wallis

59. Incarcerated youth


Jersey, Guernsey and 'Other':

Stephen Milligan MP
Justin Fashanu
James Rusbridger
Angus James Wilson
Michael Colvin MP, Nicola Colvin
Michael Colvin MP, Nicola Colvin
Roecliffe Manor Girl. Called either Elizabeth or April (C)
Boy from Birmingham sent to Haut de la Garenne (C)
Haut de la Garenne Suicide Boy (C)
Michael O'Connell (C)
Haut de la Garenne Sick Bay Boy (C)
Haut de la Garenne Missing Girl (C)
Captain H. Hocquart
Nicholas John 'Nick' Rabet
Bernard 'Bernie' Bain
Dyana Maloney
Missing boys from Haut de la Garenne, unnamed, feared murdered ["dozens"] (C)
Christopher Chadd, Timothy Chadd, Nigel Cummings (C)
Christopher Chadd, Timothy Chadd, Nigel Cummings (C)
Christopher Chadd, Timothy Chadd, Nigel Cummings
Sir Leon Brittan
John Stingemore
Peter Maloney (C)
Lord Alistair McAlpine
Lord Greville Janner
Thomas Watt Hamilton
Irene Richardson

87. Brian McDermott (C)
88. Stephen Waring (C)
89. Pastor Billy Mullan

1. Bulic Forsythe Beaten to death

"Bulic told a new witness...that he suspected vulnerable youngsters were being assaulted by an organised
gang at one home said to have been visited by the Labour politician. But days later Bulic, 42, was beaten
to death in his flat..."
2. Lambeth Caretaker [unnamed] Died in a suspected arson attack
John Mann MP "has called for the reinvestigation of the suspicious deaths more than 20 years ago of two
whistleblowers who he believes had significant information relating to organised child abuse ... One was
council official Bulic Forsythe [see entry above] ...and the other an unnamed Lambeth caretaker..."
3. Vishal Mehrotra. Abducted and murdered
"...Vishal's father Vishambar Mehrotra... told the paper [Daily Telegraph] he recorded a male prostitute saying
in a telephone call that Vishal may have been abducted and taken to the Elm Guest House..."
4. Dolphin Square Girl, 15-years old Feared to have been murdered at Dolphin Square by senior Tory
politician. Witness, 'Darren', has described a Dolphin Square flat in which one bedroom contained a hospitaltype bed with shackles, gimp masks and a tiled, washable floor. Darren saw a senior Tory politician take a girl
into this room. She was in care. "She was 15, and I had been bumping into her for many years at paedophile
parties around the country...She had a smashing smile and braces, and I never saw her come out. I did not
see her again, and fear that she may have been killed."

5. Dolphin Square Boy #1 Strangled to death by a Conservative MP at a town house in central London
around 1980. Murdered boy is described as brown-haired and probably around 12 years old.
6. Dolphin Square Boy #2 Murdered Savage physical attack in front of a separate MP, a former cabinet
minister. This killing occurred between a year and 18 months after the strangling of the boy in the town house
(see above).
7. Dolphin Square Boy #3 Murdered The boy, aged 10 or 11, was run over by a car in broad daylight. This
occurred in a street in south-west London in the summer of 1979.
8. Thornham Magna Man Tortured and murdered A Down's syndrome sufferer aged in his 30s ('Andrew') was
apparently murdered at Thornham Magna country estate by Peter Righton, the paedophile who supplied boys
to politicians and other prominent people. The murder was conducted apparently so as to inflict maximum pain
and suffering.
9. Frank Beck Sudden 'fatal heart attack' Frank Beck was reportedly implicated in the abuse of boys in
Leicestershire care homes. Beck always maintained his innocence and claimed he was imprisoned because
he had exposed abuse by a high-profile politician (Lord Greville Janner). In May 1994, shortly before Frank
Beck's appeal was due to begin, he died suddenly in prison of a "heart attack".
10-11 Simon O'Donnell Alternate versions of events point either to suicide or murder Simon O'Donnell
was a boy of 12 at the time of his death. An inquest found he had taken his own life after running away from a
children's home run by Frank Beck [see previous entry]. This explanation was later refuted by evidence
supplied by other children living in the same home at the time. In particular, "one former resident, Peter Bastin,
says he witnessed Beck [and co-worker Colin Fiddaman] removing O'Donnell's body from the home on the
night before the child was found dead". While there seems to be some dispute concerning what or who
ultimately caused Simon O'Donnell's death, it is undisputed that Frank Beck maintained his innocence.
Indeed, Beck insisted he was framed as an abuser after he exposed sexual abuse of children by Lord Janner.
Colin Fiddaman, who worked with Frank Beck, reportedly took his own life in 1991 while on bail.
12. Ian Henning 'Fatal accident' Ian Henning was a legal executive and former policeman who was in charge of
the defence of Frank Beck, whom he believed to be innocent of all child sexual abuse allegations [see above].
Henning believed Beck had been the victim of "trawling operation" and that officers had put words into the
mouth of the witness they were interviewing. Leicestershire police arrested Ian Henning at one point; Henning
said this was done to intimidate him into silence. As Henning prepared an appeal against Beck's conviction,
he was killed in an apparent motorcycle accident.
13. Peter Hatton-Bornshin Apparent suicide partly caused by sexual abuse at Grafton Close "Detectives
are probing claims that several Establishment figures... abused under-age rent boys and children from
Grafton Close at the Elm Guest House"
"Peter Hatton-Bornshin killed himself six days after his 28th birthday... One line in his suicide note seemed to
refer to [the sexual abuse he suffered]. It read: I will get those bastards."
"A child protection campaigner told us this week: [Peter Hatton-Bornshin] was a victim at Elm Guest House in
the Seventies...'"
14. Peter Davis Suspected murder Davis died in 1977 aged 15. The boy's death was ruled as suicide; this is
questioned, however, by Shirley Oaks abuse survivors. "There were signs of sexual activity. Friends who
grew up with [Peter] believe he had been targeted by paedophiles ... Peter was a witness in a rape trial at
the Old Bailey two years before he died ... When the BBC looked for court documents from the time, we found
that in 2003 they had been secret for 100 years." Shirley Oaks was run by Lambeth Council.
15. Carole Kasir Suspected murder 'Was this woman murdered to cover up Cyril Smith's sex ring?'

Carole Kasir ran the notorious Elm Guest House reportedly frequented by VIPs including the queen's art
adviser, Anthony Blunt, and royal equerry, Commander Michael Trestrail.
"[Mary] Moss believes Carole Kasir was murdered to cover up for the famous people who had used her
16. David Smith Possibly not suicide "Savile's convicted paedophile BBC driver found dead on day he was
due to stand trial for sex crimes uncovered in Yewtree probe"
17. Jill Dando Assassinated by an unknown gunman Following the professional murder of Jill Dando, her
fiance Alan Farthing was appointed as the queen's surgeon-gynaecologist. At the time of her assassination,
Jill Dando had reportedly been researching a VIP Child Sexual Abuse ring
18. Lord Louis Mountbatten Assassinated The queen's cousin and childhood mentor to prince Charles. Lord
Mountbatten was murdered in 1979 when an IRA bomb exploded under his boat off the coast of County Sligo.
Reportedly, Mountbatten made trips to Northern Ireland to abuse boys at Kincora. Questions surround the
circumstances of Mountbatten's assassination, with some asking if MI5 may have had some involvement.
"It brought the issue of child sex abuse to members of the wider Royal family. There were allegations about
Lord Mountbatten."
Also killed as a result of the bomb: Nicholas Knatchbull, Paul Maxwell, The Dowager Lady Bradbourne
22. Iain Mills MP Potentially suspicious death In 1997 the Conservative MP Iain Mills reportedly died of "acute
alcohol poisoning" in his Duncan House (Dolphin Square) flat.
Reportedly Mills was a friend and political ally of the late Geoffrey Dickens MP. Dickens was a campaigner
against the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE), and was attempting to shut down the Child Sexual Abuse
ring encircling Parliament.
23. Martin Allen Missing since 1979, feared murdered Martin Allens brother said police should reopen the
investigation into the teenagers disappearance. Kevin Allen, 51, said he had always suspected a cover-up
after police told him all the case files had been lost in a freak flood. He said: ... I think there are powerful
forces involved in this. Years ago I was warned by a policeman that if I looked too deep into this then I might
get hurt."
24. Judge Rodney McKinnon Fell to his death. Judge Rodney McKinnon, 64, fell from a window of his flat in
Drake House, Dolphin Square. The coroner's suicide verdict shocked Rodney's brother Warwick McKinnon
who had given evidence to the contrary. During the inquest he said: I dont believe it was suicide, neither
do any of my family, nor any of my friends.
It seems likely the judge would have sentenced a number of paedophiles during the course of his work, such
as Jonathan 'Angel' Vai.
25. Willie McRae Assassination suspected. "A firebrand SNP activist who died in mysterious circumstances to
expose a paedophile ring that would have brought down the Government..."
"Who could shoot themselves twice? Who wiped fingerprints from gun? Who could throw weapon 60ft after
blowing their brains out?"
26. Diana, Princess of Wales & Dodi al Fayed Car crash "This particular phase in my life is the most
dangerous. My husband is planning an accident in my car, brake failure or some serious head injury..."
"The man, now in his forties, met the princess when he was sleeping rough outside a London church. He
claims he was subjected to horrific abuse at the Elm from the age of 10 while he was in care at Grafton
Close childrens home...[Princess Diana] kept in touch with me even after shed helped me back on my

28. Boy killed in Amsterdam for snuff film Murder alleged "A young boy sold for sex is said to have died in a
torture session filmed at Amsterdam's notorious Blue Boy vice club. Allegations that an unnamed MP [i.e. a
British MP] was present can be revealed today ... Informants said the MP was present at the murder after
going to Holland for sex with boys supplied by paedo fixer Warwick Spinks."

29. Victims of the 'Sidney Cooke ring' Gang responsible for murder of Jason Swift; other murders
suspected A gang comprising Sidney Cooke, Lesley Bailey, Robert Oliver, Steven Barrell and William
Malcolm are thought to have abducted and murdered up to 20 children, and to have supplied boys to a VIP
paedophile network that included Leon Brittan MP, Cyril Smith MP, and Jimmy Savile. The 'Cooke gang's'
victims are thought to include:
(i) Jason Swift, 14, in 1989. He attended Islington Council's Conewood St assessment centre
(ii) Mark Tildesley, 7, in 1984
(iii) Barry Lewis, 6, in 1985
(iv) Steven Newing [possibly - unconfirmed] aged 11, in 1969
(v) Vishal Mehrotra [possibly - unconfirmed] aged 8, in 1981
(vi) Martin Allen [possibly - unconfirmed] aged 15, in 1979

30. Tony McGrane Anthony 'Tony' McGrane, 13, was savagely murdered in 1986
Curiously the press coverage of the murder of Tony McGrane in 1986 included no mention of Islington
Council, yet it is understood McGrane resided at Islington Council's Conewood Street assessment centre.
Coincidentally another murdered boy, Jason Swift, is also thought to have been a resident at Islington
Council's Conewood Street assessment centre in the period leading up to his death in 1989 (see the entry
for Swift above). Strangely, at the time of the Islington Inquiries in the 1990s, Jason Swift's residence in an
Islington home was also denied by the senior Islington manager.

31. Vivian Loki Another murdered youth with an Islington Council connection Aged 17 at the time of her
murder in 1987, it is not known whether Vivan Loki was in the Islington care system or had been previously.
What is known, however, is that Loki:
(i) Worked for Islington Council as a painter and decorator
(ii) Reportedly resided in, and was murdered in, an Islington council estate called the Hilldrop Estate. The late
MP Geoffrey Dickens was informed that organised paedophile were operating 'child brothels' on the Hilldrop
Estate involving dozens of children, some as young as six. Dickens had heard tape-recordings of children
screaming made by an informant.

32. Broadmoor Hospital woman #1 'Suicide' linked to sexual abuse by Jimmy Savile "Two women patients
at Broadmoor killed themselves after being abused by the sick entertainer, according to claims in a report into
[Jimmy Savile's] crimes at the psychiatric hospital in Berkshire"

33. Broadmoor Hospital woman #2 'Suicide' linked to sexual abuse by Jimmy Savile

34. James Chalkley and George Chalkley Twin brothers in possibly suspicious double-suicide "Former
hospital porter James Chalkley and his twin brother George were found dead with plastic bags over their
heads at their flat in a Spanish resort ... [A retired senior police officer] asserted the joint suicide of the 83year-old brothers in Fuengirola 'may be linked to the revelations about Jimmy Savile' ... [James Chalkley]
who worked as an extra on EastEnders was a convicted paedophile who was due to be quizzed over
a sex ring on the BBC soap"

36. QE2 cruise woman German woman 'vanishes', presumed dead "A woman disappeared from the luxury
liner QE2 while passengers partied during a 2,000-a-head New Year cruise ... TV celebrity Sir Jimmy Savile
was among those on board for the 16-night Atlantic voyage." The woman, presumably dead, was reported
missing on 31 December 2006.

37. Clair McAlpine 15-year-old dancer took her own life, blaming abuse by famous celebrities believed to
include Jimmy Savile Clair McAlpine, 15, appeared several times on the BBC's Top of the Pops. The girl's
diary, examined after she took her own life, described how she'd been driven to suicide by sexual abuse at the
hands of VIPs. "Jenni Bale, a BBC studio manager at the time, and who knew Savile, is in no doubt that the
DJ abused Clair". Moreover, Clair's half-brother has said "Jimmy Savile was in the diary for having some
sort of sexual relationship with her. As far as I know, Jimmy Savile was interviewed as a witness. My
mother told me that the diary went to the police and never came back."

38. Gordon Dawson Alleged child rapist Dawson reportedly 'took his own life' in early 2007, within 90
minutes of being informed by police that he faced arrest in connection with earlier abuse complaints
Dawson abused and raped a 15-year-old boy, David (last name unknown), according to David's subsequent
testimony to police. "David, now 49, told BuzzFeed News how he was groomed in Lincolnshire in 1982 when
he was 15 by Gordon Dawson, who took him to dinners in London with Dawsons friends. Among them, David
was told, were MPs, businessmen, senior military officers, and members of the General Synod. After these
dinners, David said, he would be raped in a Dolphin Square apartment by Dawson and other men."
Was Dawson's death in 2007 truly suicide, or did this alleged child rapist foul fall victim to foul play?

39. Sir Simon Milton Alleged participant in Dolphin Square 'paedophile parties' died "suddenly" at age 49
Milton and his Conservative peers on Westminster City Council regularly collected "at one of the ongoing
'soirees' in Dolphin Square, where, of course, again their council were the ultimate landlords". In this context,
"ongoing 'soirees'" is a thinly veiled reference to alleged Dolphin Square 'paedophile' parties organised by top
Conservatives (including Ian Greer) and patronised by Parliamentarians. Simon Milton was a director of Ian
Greer Associates. Reportedly suffering from leukaemia, Milton died "suddenly" in 2011 at the age of 49.

Deaths of former North Wales care home residents

These may link to the Westminster paedophile network
From the Sunday Times, 30 November 2014:
"John Allen...was named by a former leader of Clwyd county council as being suspected of supplying boys to
other paedophiles. Dennis Parry said: "My information was that not only was he an abuser, he was a supplier.
There was movement between Holland and this country, and Dolphin Square was part of the setup"...
"My information was he was the one who collected the young people and took them to Dolphin Square...His
links were with our part of North Wales and others."
The deaths, in approximate date order:
40. Robert Chapman Fell to his death from a railway bridge Former resident of Bryn Alyn.
41. Robert Arthur Smith Killed himself in May 1978, aged 16, by overdosing on painkillers Former resident
of Bryn Alyn.
42. Barry Williams Found dead in a flat where he lived in poverty, aged 21 Former resident of Little Acton
Assessment centre, Clywd,

43. Peter Davies Died 1985

44. Adrian Johns Died in a 1992 fire aged 32 in Brighton, Sussex. Verdict - unlawful killing Former resident
of Bryn Alyn. Adrian Johns was the brother of Lea Johns who was also known as Lea Homberg.
(Lea Johns/Homberg also died prematurely see separate entry below for Lea Johns). Adrian Johns at the time
of his death was blackmailing John Allen "threatening to expose his child vice network", according to reports.

4549. 5 friends of brothers Adrian and Leander Johns. Like Adrian Johns, they died in the Brighton/Hove fire detailed
above, with the exception of Trevor Carrington. Carrington was run down and killed by a truck "hours after allegedly
confessing to starting the fire".
Andrew Manners; Mabel Smith Roberts; Timothy Sharpe; Paul Jones; and Trevor Carrington

50. Heath Kelvin Jones Found dead in 1992 in a bedsit, aged 18 Cause of death, acute respiratory failure due
to solvent abuse. Former resident of Bryn Alyn.
51. Peter Wynn Hanged himself in January 1994, aged 27 As a child he had been one of Bryn Alyn's most
victimised. He had been assaulted by the home's deputy head, Peter Howarth, and by a housemaster called
Stephen Norris.
52. Brendon Randalls Died aged 27 from alcohol abuse in April 1994 Allegedly the victim of a serious sexual
offence. Former Bryn Estyn resident.
53. Richard Williams Found dead in a car aged 18 in July 1994 Alleged to have suffered maltreatment while in
54. Craig Wilson Hanged himself in November 1994 aged 16
55. Leander 'Lea' Johns Supposed drug overdose (suspicious) resulting in death in February 1995 aged
37 Lea Johns was also known as Lea Homberg. Former resident of Bryn Alyn where it was alleged he had
been sexually abused. Lea Johns/Homberg was the brother of Adrian Johns, who also died prematurely (see
separate entry above for Adrian Johns). Lea Johns fortunately survived the suspicious fire that killed his
brother and their friends only to himself die two years later due to a supposed "drug overdose".
56. Mark Humphreys Hanged himself in February 1995 aged 31 Allegations of sexual abuse perpetrated by
Mark's former care workers.
57. Simon Birley Hanged himself in May 1995 aged 27 During his time as a child in Bryn Alyn, Simon had
been sexually assaulted by the home's deputy head, Peter Howarth. "Simon was set on an accelerated
descent into homelessness, alcoholism and addition."
58. Tony Wallis Found dead 1996
Of the North Wales deaths, Chris Johns, brother of Adrian Johns and Lea Johns, told the Independent:
"They do not stop at killing...If anything does happen to me it will be down to them. However it might look, it
will be them ... I cannot prove it, but I am sure my brothers' deaths were not as them seem. Lea was about
to get money from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board, why would he suddenly die like that? There
were no drugs found in his body. And the fire in Brighton [Hove] is very suspicious* ... [Prior to their
sudden unexpected deaths, brothers Adrian and Lea Johns been trying to blackmail John Allen, according to a
contemporary news report]
"I believe there are organised paedophile rings that reach very high places in this country..."
* The "suspicious" fire that killed former Bryn Alyn resident Adrian Johns also killed 4 of their friends
who, on the night of the blaze (18 April 1992), had been with brothers Adrian and Lea attending the same
party at 11 Palmeira Avenue, Hove/Brighton. The names of the other individuals who died alongside Adrian
Johns are: Andrew Manners, 29, of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire; Mabel Smith Roberts, 46, of Colwyn Bay,
North Wales; Timothy Sharpe, 28, of Palmeira Avenue; and Paul Jones, 33, of St Michael's Place,
Brighton/Hove. A fifth friend, Trevor Carrington, died in suspicious circumstances, two days later:

"Trevor Carrington, 38, an unemployed airline steward, had confessed to starting the fire on 18 April as 'a
prank', then two days later threw himself under a lorry."
Notwithstanding Trevor Carrington's supposed confession: "The fire investigator who examined the
building...said the fire was started in three places at once." A wealthy property developer, Nicholas
Hoogstraten, was identified as the building's probable owner.
59. Incarcerated youth Youth took his own life following rape and torture Child sexual abuse survivor
Andrew Ash has said that, in the early 1970s, a "really young inmate" was raped and tortured in prison by
Sidney Cooke [see earlier entry] and Cooke's accomplice Arthur Graham Stephens (described as a "major
player" in the North Wales care homes abuse ring). The incarcerated youth who was raped and tortured by
Cooke and Stephens hanged himself in the prison because of what he had endured, Andrew Ash has said.

60. Stephen Milligan MP Died in 1994 in suspicious circumstances Had been a contemporary of MP Michael
Portillo's at Peterhouse College, Cambridge. The theory is that:
i) Milligan possessed knowledge of the alleged Tory 'Gay Mafia' involving Portillo and Peter Lilley.
ii) Milligan anticipated a plan to murder footballer Justin Fashanu because Fashanu displaying a willingness to talk
to the Press was seen to be endangering the secrecy of the 'Gay Mafia' with its paedophile connections. Milligan
may have been murdered in order to prevent the MP from becoming a 'Whistle-blower'.
61. Justin Fashanu In 1998 the footballer apparently hanged himself Had sexual relations with Tory politicians
linked to the alleged paedophile network including Peter Lilley and Michael Portillo. Fashanu also had sexual
relations with a third Tory MP, David Atkinson. Atkinson was linked through business to alleged paedophile lobbyist
Derek Laud and therefore, like Lilley and Portillo, mixed with those linked to paedophilia. Given the activities and
connections of the MPs with whom Fashanu reportedly had sex, Fashanu's subsequent 'suicide' would seem to
warrant deeper investigation.
62. James Rusbridger Died in 1994 in suspicious circumstances Some nine days after Stephen Milligan's
suspicious death (see entry above), investigative journalist James Rusbridger died in similar and bizarre
circumstances. Shortly prior to his reported suicide, Rusbridger cousin of former MI5 agent Peter Wright named
members of the royal household with "exotic sexual appetites" in research submitted to a newspaper and a television
station, according to The Independent. Specifically, Rusbridger's research pointed to involvement by members
of the Royal Household in paedophilia, according to Scallywag. Indeed, there is a theory that Rusbridger was
murdered because he was investigating the organised sexual abuse of boys by a powerful paedophile network with a
tentacle extending to Buckingham Palace.
63. Angus James Wilson The co-founder of 'Scallywag' magazine, killed in a potentially suspicious car crash
Cyprus in 1996 Knew of the links between the systematic abuse of residents from North Wales children's homes
and the Westminster Paedophile Network. Wilson had reportedly been in a Cyprus for a meeting with Asil Nadir to
sell him compromising photographs showing the then Minister of Defence Michael Portillo with underage
boys (see also entry above for Stephen Milligan MP) .
6465. Michael Colvin MP and Nichola Colvin, his wife. Died in a fire at their home in 2000 Some find the
circumstances of the fire that killed Michael Colvin suspicious, and further allege that Colvin, prior to his own death,
may have arranged the Brighton/Hove fire that killed witnesses to systematic child abuse in North Wales and Pimlico.
The basis for this theory appears to rest in part on the fact that Michael Colvin MP was a business partner of Derek
Laud with whom he worked closely on lobbying initiatives. Scallywag magazine linked Derek Laud to Michael Portillo,
Peter Lilley and Dolphin Square, which in turn link to the North Wales children's homes and the wider
VIP/Westminster Paedophile network. See also entry above for Stephen Milligan MP.

1 death of resident at Roecliffe Manor

children's home
May or may not be connected to a VIP ring
66. Girl in care at Roecliffe Manor, called either Elizabeth or April Feared murdered in the 1960s by Jimmy
Savile or person(s) linked to him A witness abused by Jimmy Savile said he saw Savile take the girl away
from Roecliffe Manor in the 1960s. The next day the girl was said to have been found dead.

Haut de la Garenne, Jersey

Suspected connections to VIP abuse network
67. Boy from Birmingham sent to Haut de la Garenne Whereabouts unknown as of 2008 Individual was born
in the 1950s. Former John Hemming MP "is concerned that the [man's] history and whereabouts remain

68. Haut de la Garenne Suicide Boy Boy, aged 12-13, hanged himself "One lad hanged himself in the
dormitory during the night. He figured it was the only way to escape. He was only about 12 or 13 and slim with
dark hair shorn short like all of us in the home. He had spent the week before in some kind of solitary
confinement. What happened to him behind the locked door of the cell was so bad he couldn't live with it."

69. Michael O'Connell Boy hanged himself Michael O'Connell, 14, reportedly told his best friend in 1966 he
would kill himself rather than return to Haut de la Garenne. He took his own life four days later.

70. Haut de la Garenne Sick Bay Boy Suspicious death "Another boy died while in the sick bay. We never
knew what happened to him."

71. Haut de la Garenne Missing Girl Presumed sudden death - suspicious Girl aged 13-14 strangely
disappeared from Haut de la Garenne in the same week as a hole was dug "near to where the garages were".
The hole was then quickly filled in. "They told us that she had gone home but we knew she didn't have a mum
or dad."

72. Captain H. Hocquart Feared murdered Captain H. Hocquart, a merchant seaman from Guernsey,
'befriended' orphan boy Neil Frederick Hocquart (original surname Foster). The young orphan, Neil. grew up
to become a serial paedophile and supplier of child pornography for a huge child sex ring encompassing links
to Islington (under then council leader Margaret Hodge) and the Channel Islands. Police think Neil Hocquart
may have murdered Captain H. Hocquart (and quite possibly other victims, too) in order to inherit the wealth of
the older man. Now Neil is also dead.

73. Nicholas John "Nick" Rabet Suspicious death reported as 'suicide' / possibly murder Rabet, an
alleged serial paedophile, was deputy superintendent at Islington's home at 114 Grosvenor Avenue and is
linked to Neil Hocquart [see previous entry]. Rabet often took the 'cared for' children on trips to Jersey, where
they were abused by VIP paedophiles including Jimmy Savile. The abuse occurred on yachts, mansions, and
in the opera house. Rabet fled to Thailand after a police raid on his home and press exposure. In Thailand he
continued abusing and was eventually charged with assaulting local boys. He killed himself in 1996,

74. Bernard Leo Bain 'Suicide' 'Bertie' Bain, the superintendent of Islington's home at 1 Elwood Street, was a
friend of paedophile Nicholas Rabet [see previous entry], Bain was also someone police describe as a "brutal
sexual abuser" of children. In 1978 Bernard Bain is reported to have severely abused a young boy in the
Islington care system, Demetrious Panton. The assaults occurred "three or four times a week for over a year,"
beginning when Panton was just 10 years of afe.. Bain resigned from Islington in 1979, and in 1995 or 1996
he fled the UK. Bain reportedly took his own life, in Thailand, in 2000.

75. Dyana Mary Frances Maloney Feared murdered Child abuse survivor Dyana Maloney, 49, was found dead
at her London flat on 12 June 2008, her body reportedly decomposed. Six days earlier Dyana had been taken
by ambulance to the casualty department at Kings College Hospital, having been punched in the chest by an
unknown assailant. Dyana had been taken as a child to Haut de la Garenne on a 'sailing holiday' in the
1960s. While there, she was sexually abused . At the time of Dyana's death, her brother Bill Maloney had
recently finished a documentary film investigating Haut de la Garenne; Dyana had helped to fund this film. It is
not known if Dyana received a death threat because of Bill's investigations and her own connection to Haut de
la Garenne. Bill has stated that a death threat was directed at himself, however. Bill has said: "I believe my
sister was murdered because of the work I did on the Crown-owned Island of Jersey".

76. "Dozens" of unnamed Haut de la Garenne boys Feared murdered A former barrister, Michael Shrimpton,
has alleged that "dozens" of children were taken from Haut de la Garenne on Jersey, never to be seen again.
According to Shrimpton, young boys up to the age of 14 were collected from Haut de la Garenne by
paedophiles including the establishment child procurer, Jimmy Savile, and delivered to former prime minister

[i] Michael Shrimpton's allegations appear to be corroborated by:

[ii] the findings of Newsweek investigative journalist Leah McGrath Goodman;
[iii] the findings of News of the World investigative journalist Phillip Whiteside;
[iv] the personal observations of Jersey resident and writer, Linda Corby;
[v] the recollections of award-winning journalist Don Hale, to whom Barbara Castle entrusted concerns;
[vi] the recollections of an apparent forrmer Haut de la Garenne resident, who recalls that children regularly "used to
come back crying" from yachting excursions with Heath.
[i] Michael Shrimpton's interview:
[ii] Newsweek investigative journalist, Leah McGrath Goodman:
[iii] News of the World investigation by Phillip Whiteside:
[iv] Linda Corby, Jersey resident and writer:
[v] Award-winning journalist Don Hale recounts evidence uncovered by Barbara Castle:
[vi] Man recollects that children "used to come back crying" from boating trips with Heath:

Edward Heath on board his yacht, Morning Cloud IV. Heath is alleged to have raped the boys, and to have
then ordered them murdered, with the bodies disposed of overboard in the international waters around Jersey.

Other deaths of potential interest

May or may not be as straightforward as they appear
77. Edward Heath's godsons: Christopher Chadd and Timothy Chadd (brothers), plus Nigel Cummings
Christopher and Timothy both died in 'freak' accidents close together In summer 1974, Christopher
Chadd was helping to take Edward Heath's yacht, Morning Cloud, back to Cowes "when the boat capsized in
a storm and he [Christopher Chadd] drowned. Exactly two years later his student brother Timothy was killed
by a hit and run driver when on holiday in France."
The reported 'accident' that killed Christopher Chadd also killed Nigel Cummings.

80. Leon Brittan, former Home Secretary Death attributed to "cancer of the baldder and in the blood, and a
form of pneumonia" "The National has been told the police had wanted to interview the former Home
Secretary within the next few weeks. 'I've heard he had been told to attend a police station very recently
sometime this month,' one source told The National.
"The cause of death has been given as "bronchopneumonia", 'haematological neoplasia', and 'transitional
carrcinoma of the bladder'. It was certified by a private GP [Dr Michael Harding]."

81. John Stingemore Death attributed to natural causes; however its timing was extraordinary, coming
just 2 weeks before he was due to appear in court "John Stingemore, 72, was set to face a string of
historic sex abuse charges relating to his time as manager of Grafton Close children's home...Stingemore,
who was charged in September 2013 with multiple counts of indecent assault, taking indecent images of a
child and one count of conspiracy to commit buggery, was found dead by police."
"A police spokesman said: ... 'His death is not being treated as suspicious.'

82. Peter Maloney Suspected murder In 1970 Bill Maloneys brother, Peter Maloney, allegedly took his own life
at the age of 17 in a squat in Tonbridge Wells, Kent. The Pilkington Family (of Pilkington Glass) offered to pay
for Peters funeral, as Geoffrey Pilkington had built a relationship with Peter.
In 1977 Pilkington Glass hosted Robert Banks MP for an "Industry and Parliamentary Trust fellowship" lasting
a minimum of 25 days.
Robert Banks MP was the tenant of a Dolphin Square flat used as a 'child brothel' according to the
investigative magazine, Scallywag. Young boys were reportedly trafficked to Dolphin Square and Pimlico from
children's homes in North Wales to be sexually abused and raped by (mostly Conservative) politicians and
other VIPs.

83. Lord (Robert) Alistair McAlpine Died at relatively young age of 71 following paedophile allegation
Alistair McAlpine was former treasurer and deputy chairman of the Conservative Party and close ally of
Margaret Thatcher. He was implicated in the North Wales abuse scandal, which in turn is linked to the
Westminster paedophile ring. In 1994 a child ("Paul") quoted by Scallywag Magazine accused McAlpine of
sexually assaulting him. It appears that "Paul" may have been Steven Messham, the survivor who in
November 2012 renewed the allegation against McAlpine before subsequently retracting it. Little more than a
year later, Lord McAlpine is said to have died "peacefully at his home in Italy". His family did not specify
the cause of Lord McAlpine's unexpected death on 17 January 2014 at the relatively young age of 71.

84. Lord Greville Janner Died just weeks before a 'trial of the facts' was scheduled to commence Shortly
before Lord Janner's sudden death, a High Court judge ruled he was "unfit to plead" over 22 sexual offences

against nine victims (most children) dating back to the 1960s. A 'trial of the facts' had been scheduled to take
place in April 2016.

85. Thomas Watt Hamilton Hamilton perpetrated the 1996 Dunblane school massacre, in which he murdered 16
children and their teacher before taking his own life. The massacre has links to then-shadow Secretary of
State for Scotland, George Robertson; to then-Foreign Secretary, Malcolm Rifkind (cousin of the late
paedophile MP Sir Leon Brittan); and to an alleged paedophile ring operating at the top of the Scottish
"George Robertson...sent his eldest son to Hamilton's club. He heard the rumours ..."
" ... Malcolm Rifkind's friend and his then Chairman of his constituency party at Edinburgh Pentlands,
Robert Bell, according to the front page lead of the Edinburgh Evening News on 23 March 1996, sold guns
and ammunition to Thomas Hamilton only a few weeks before the Dunblane massacre"
"I believe that Hamilton was a major provider of pornographic photographs and videos to a ring of
men prominent in Central Scotland, including police officers who protected him from numerous allegations
of physical abuse at boys' camps and clubs he ran. They protected themselves after the massacre which
conveniently ended in [Hamilton's] suicide"... "It is my firm belief that the truth has not come out and there
has been a total cover-up to protect a number of people" paramedic Sandra Uttley.

86. Irene Richardson Jimmy Savile was a suspect in a murder that occurred just yards from his flat The
so-called 'Yorkshire Ripper', Peter Sutcliffe, "killed his third victim, Irene Richardson, yards from Saviles flat
in Roundhay, Leeds, in 1977. Miss Richardson was killed near the disgraced paedophile's three-bedroom
penthouse, which overlooks Roundhay Park."

"A former detective who worked on the Yorkshire Ripper investigation says Jimmy Savile was questioned by
police in connection with the murders. John Stainthorpe, who worked for the West Yorkshire force for 40
years, says the disgraced broadcaster was considered a suspect in the notorious case after members of
the public contacted police saying they though Savile was the killer."

Deaths linked to Kincora

Kincora in turn has connections to the wider
Westminster/VIP abuse network
87. Brian McDermott Boy was murdered and mutilated "not far from the Kincora home" McDermott was 11
years old at the time of his apparent murder.

88. Stephen Waring Teenage former resident fell, or leaped, or was pushed, from a ferry After Stephen
Waring ran away from a children's home (not Kincora), police in England put the teenager on the Ulster
Monarch Ferry. The plan was that the Royal Ulster Constabulary would meet Stephen when he disembarked
in Northern Ireland. However the teenager never arrived. It was reported that passengers on the ferry had
seen a boy fall into the water. An RUC inquiry stated: "it was not established, and no evidence was produced
or tendered, that directly connected his death with misconduct at Kincora."

89. Pastor Billy Mullan Found dead during the investigation into child sexual abuse at Kincora Pastor
Mullan was reportedly a close friend of Ian Paisley, William McGrath and Joss Cardwell. He was found dead
with a legally held gun beside him.

114 (presumed) living persons:

believed to hold vital information about 'VIP' / Westminster organised Child Sexual Abuse

Mohamed Abdel Moneim Al-Fayed

John Allen
Gordon Anglesea
William James Bailhache
Sir Philip Martin Bailhache, KBE
Peter John Ball CGA (retired bishop)
Robert George Banks
Alan Beck (academic, University of Kent)
Ted Beston
The Right Honourable Anthony Charles Lynton Blair
The Right Honourable The Lord Paul Yaw Boateng PC
Lady Janet Boateng
Sir Peter James Bottomley
Lady Virginia Hilda Brunette Maxwell Bottomley PC, DL
Alan Bradley
Field Marshal Edwin Noel Westby Bramall, Baron Bramall KG, GCB, OBE, MC, JP, DL
Lady Diana Brittan of Spennithorne DBE
The Right Honourable Lord Peter Leonard Brooke CH, PC
The Right Honourable (James) Gordon Brown
Michael Russell Brown
The Right Honourable David William Donald Cameron MP
Samantha Gwendoline Cameron
Sarah Caplin
Michael John Carroll
The Right Honourable Kenneth Clarke CH, QC, MP
The Right Honourable Nicholas William Peter "Nick" Clegg MP
Maxwell Frank "Max" Clifford
Sidney Cooke
Edwina Jones, a/k/a Edwina Currie
Christopher David "Chris" Denning
Joseph Nefyn Dodd
Paul Kidd
Alistair Basil Cooke, Baron Lexden, CBE
Cllr Robert Davis MBE, DL
Joseph Nefyn Dodd
Jeffrey Edward Epstein
Alan John Farthing, FRCOG
The Right Honourable Daniel William Finkelstein, Baron Finkelstein OBE
Paul Francis Gadd (Gary Glitter)
Sir Edward Garnier QC, MP
Uri Geller
Anthony Gilberthorpe
Mark Grainger (formerly Gary Cooke)
Harry Greenway
Nigel Griffiths
Lord William Jefferson Hague PC, FRSL
(James) Stuart Hall
(Mostyn) Neil Hamilton
(Mary) Christine Hamilton
Rolf Harris
Benjamin Herman
Lady Margaret Eve Hodge DBE, MP
Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner
Edwina Jones (Currie)
Haroon "Harry" Kasir
Tony Kerpel
Kenneth George "Jonathan" King
Alan Langshaw

59. Derek George Henry Laud

60. Sir Edward Julian Egerton Leigh MP
61. Dr Julian Murray Lewis MP
62. Peter Bruce Lilley MP
63. Phillip Lyon
64. William Lloyd George, 3rd Viscount Tenby JP
65. Timothy Lloyd George
66. Sir John Major, KG, CH, PC
67. Lord Peter Benjamin Mandelson PC
68. Adam Mars-Jones
69. Peter Martindale (former Westminster cllr)
70. Ghislaine Maxwell
71. Father Anthony McSweeney
72. Louis Minster
73. Robert Moreland (former Westminster cllr)
74. Camilla Rosemary Mountbatten-Windsor, Duchess of Cornwall, Duchess of Rothesay GCVO, CSM
75. Asil Nadir
76. Charles Napier
77. David John Nicholson
78. Stephen Roderick Norris
79. Thomas Victor "Tom" O'Carroll
80. Princess Alexandra, The Honourable Lady Ogilvy, KG, GCVO
81. Graham Stuart Ovenden
82. Colin Peters QC
83. Ian Phipps (sp? - identity unknown)
84. Dame Shirley Porter, Lady Porter DBE
85. Michael Denzil Xavier Portillo
86. Gary Probert
87. Keith Harvey Proctor
88. Dame Esther Louise Rantzen DBE
89. The Right Honourable Sir Malcolm Leslie Rifkind, KCMG QC
90. Michael Roach (retired? police sergeant)
91. Patrick Robert John Rock de Bescombes "Patrick Rock"
92. Nicholas David "Nick" Ross
93. Sir Evelyn Robert Adrian de Rothschild
94. Alex Segal (former Westminster cllr)
95. DCI Paul Settle
96. Peter Sharman (retired? police constable)
97. Lady Gillian Patricia Shephard, PC DL
98. Andrew Smith (lobbyist; deputy to the late Ian Greer)
99. Douglas Slade
Warwick Spinks
Lord David Steel KT KBE PC
The Right Honourable John Whitaker "Jack" Straw
Raymond "Ray" Teret
(Nigel) Keith Anthony Standish Vaz MP
(David) Russell Walters
Peter Thomas Wanless CB
Harry Rodger Webb, Sir Cliff Richard OBE
The Right Honourable John Flasby Lawrance Whittingdale, OBE MP
Miles Young (former Leader Westminster Council)
Charles Philip Arthur George Mountbatten-Windsor, Prince of Wales, Duke of Rothesay, Earl of
Carrick, Baron of Renfrew, Lord of the Isles, and Prince and Great Steward of Scotland
Andrew Albert Christian Edward Windsor, Prince Andrew, Duke of York, KG, GCVO, CD,
Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, Earl of Merioneth and Baron Greenwich

Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor, Elizabeth II