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Name: RIO M.

Course/Year/Section: BSED2-4
Activity # 1

Date: November 17, 2014

Major: Filipino
Class Schedule: M_W (10:00-11:30)
Module 1:

1. How can teaching strategy be powerful means of helping students construct their
own ways of learning?
Teaching strategies are great help for teachers for it motivates the students a lot in
doing their works in class. If teachers have their own teaching strategy in teaching their
students in class, it means that they are good teachers because their aim is to inspire and
encourage their students to learn more in class. Teaching strategies make the class
exciting whenever the lesson is unfamiliar to the students. Through the use of teaching
strategies, the class will become alive and students will have the chance to enjoy the class
and surely will remember the lesson that they had.

2. The main reason for teaching a learning strategy is for students to learn on their
own initiative. What are some indicators that students foster autonomy and
ownership of learning? Explain.
The students foster autonomy and ownership of learning if the knowledge they
gained was shared to others. Of course, if this knowledge was applied by them in their
everyday life. Also, if they can learn by their own that they dont have to be dependent to
others. They can do a specific task without the help of others.

3. Explain the statement of Cyril Houle, If you teach a person what to learn, you are
preparing that person for the past. If you teach a person how to learn, you are
preparing that person for the future.
It means that you should not teach the concept to the students but the skills they
need for the future. What happened in the past was just a basis for them or the lesson that
they should consider and the things that they should learn are the skills that they should
posses in order to be prepared for the future. If that future comes, they can fix the things
happened from the past and they can now build a better future.