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Spencer Young

CIS 110
Section 028
Project 2 Self Analysis
1. I believe that my introduction was effective, but the clip I showed didnt capture the
audience's attention in the way I expected it would. My body was very effective with lots
of empowering factual data being presented. My conclusion was also very effective with
a major statement that ended my speech with impact. My conclusion caused my
audience to evaluate if these stereotypes that they have were developed from when they
see them in the media.
2. I believe the best thing in my presentation was the second part of my body when I
showed the reason that the stereotype of greed is associated with Jews. Something I
would do differently is to elaborate more on the two other stereotypes I presented being
the stereotype of wealth and social awkwardness. I think I should have elaborate more
because I feel like they were overshadowed with my compelling section on the stereotype
of greed.
3. I believe that my eye contact was good after watching my speech online. Unlike my
first speech I didnt look at my notecards constantly and relied on the memorization of
the data. My rate of speaking was certainly too fast at some parts with the fear of my
speech going over the time limit. The delivery of my speech didnt cause much of an
negative impact on my audience as I articulated my words and spoke at a good pace most
of the time. I am happy with my delivery as it was at a good pace that kept the audience
engaged. Also my delivery was slowed down at the points where I cited and used factual
evidence in order to show the emphasis I placed on those ideas.

4. I choose my artifact to be South Park because I believe that it was the best
representation of how Jewish stereotypes are seen in the media. I choose a video and a
picture of a Jewish person because I thought it gave the audience a feel for how
stereotypes are seen in media. Some other visual aids that would have helped in my
presentation would have been an article or news stories that show the stereotypes in
media. I used both of my visual aids well and referenced them when describing the
different stereotypes.
5. My speech was clear as it was structured in a way that didnt cause confusion. I
described each stereotype in detail and then dived into the validity of the stereotype.
Also transitions were used when making the change from one stereotype to the next.
Oral footnotes were made only three times in my speech. When describing the oral
footnote I said it out loud by stating the author, name of title of article, and then said
website or book name.
6. When looking at the product of my work, I believe that I put forth a big effort. I spent
around five hours in regard to the research done. On top of the five hours, another two
was spent in the process of preparing. I dont feel like I would work on my speech
anymore then I did for research, but I would certainly delegate at least three more hours
to the process of reciting and memorizing my speech.
7. My audiences view on the stereotypes on Jewish people certainly changed. The
evidence that I presented gave them factual data that helped to destroy or maintain the
stereotypes of Jewish people that is seen in the media. I believe that my speech loosened
my audiences dependence of the media and gave them a chance to reflect on their views
of other cultures.