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Instructional Module/Training Plan Template

AET/520 Version 3

University of Phoenix Material

Part I: Vital Information


E. Giles Patten

Instructional Topic

Success in New Home Sales

Instructional Module/Training Plan


Preparing for Success in New Home Sales

Learning Setting

Classroom and New Home Model Setting


Licensed Real Estate Agents recently hired in New Home Sales

Delivery Modality (online, hybrid,

face-to-face, and so forth)

Face to Face with extensive role playing and modeling

Total Time Allotment

Training shall be a one day six hour training from 9:00AM to

4:00 PM with a one hour meal break.

Instructional Module/Training Plan


Student will be able to meet and greet potential buyer in

a manner that lends to a two-way conversation that will lead to
an in depth conversation to determine the buyers needs.
Student shall have knowledge of using critical questioning
techniques to determine how their existing product can satisfy
those needs and lead the buyer to write a contract for a new
The student will create a three pronged approach marketing
program directed at the particular buyer groups with 80%
accuracy. Student will learn how to develop and create a
complete marketing program directed to that particular potential

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Instructional Module/Training Plan Template

AET/520 Version 3

Two Performance-Based Objectives

The student will enter notes about the visitors in the

contact manager program with 90% accuracy.
The student will verify through cross referencing
public record information with 80% accuracy.
Increased sales of 20 % and positive buyer feedback of
85% satisfaction survey results.

Summative Assessment Description

Student will take a paper pencil assessment to

demonstrate their knowledge on customer follow up strategies.
The student will create and be scored using a rubric a newsletter
reflecting their marketing plan for an individual buyer. New home
sales results (increase of 20%) and customer feedback from a
Likert scale survey will be assessed.

Instructional Module/Training Plan Template

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Instructional Module/Training Plan Template

AET/520 Version 3

Part II: Development

Attention Getter


Enter the classroom after everyone is seated in settled,
close the door loudly and shout Its ShowTime. Wait for 5
seconds, look At each person in the eye then ask for their
feedback and reaction.
Tell the story of the top tip maker at the Scottsdale Hyatt.
Explain to the student that when the showroom door
opens it is ShowTime and they should not be caught
snoozing. They should acknowledge each and every visitor
like they do at QT.

Detailed Input of Content

Hour 1
Model Office Operations and Duties
Hour 2
Greeting preparation and practice.
Hour 3
Buyer Qualifying for prospect or suspect.
Hour 4
Recording and saving critical customer information
Hour 5
Marketing Strategies
Hour 6
Final exam and review of student plans and sample with
peer critique.
Spend final time on questions from students.

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Instructional Module/Training Plan Template

AET/520 Version 3

Part III: Implementation

Instructional Strategies

See Attached Excel Spread sheet

Formative Assessment

Final exam pencil a paper for questions on steps, processes

and an oral presentation of a greeting and builder story.
Additionally a written marketing plan to use as a future
check list to remind them what they should be doing to be
Peer critique and questions from students.

Materials and Resources

Printed material will be necessary to demonstrate

community sign in sheets for first time visitors. Sample
marketing materials from different builders. Computers and
or laptops to access internet sites and practice entering the
information to a database. Overhead projector and internet
access to demonstrate and show videos of successful
agents. Prefer seating such that students face each other in
order to build trust with their peers for assessment

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