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Jewelry Making

Coil Bracelets
Suggested Materials:
Try a few types of materials like ball chain
or rhinestone chain. Combine them with
round leather cord or flat leather or suede
cord. Make your bracelet a single, double
or triple wrap. Remember the color of the
thread can really make the design pop!

1. Begin by folding the leather cord in

half. Let the end with the fold open
into a loop shape and determine how
much room is needed to fit the bead
2. Start wrapping the thread just below
the loop a few times, overlapping part
of the thread tail to secure it.

4. Hold the cord and chain tightly as

you wrap the thread otherwise it may
unravel quickly.

Bracelet Instructions:
For a single wrap bracelet:
24 of cord
12 inches of ball chain or crystal chain
30 of thread, waxed linen cord or
thread of your choice
One bead
For a double wrap bracelet:
50 of cord
16 inches of ball chain or crystal chain
60 of thread, waxed linen cord or
thread of your choice
One bead

3. Lay the ball chain or rhinestone chain

along the doubled cord, lining it
up over the wrapped thread. Start
wrapping the thread around the
chain tightly 2-3 times. Continue
wrapping the thread once around
between each link.
*If thinner thread is used you may
want to use a longer piece of thread
and wrap it multiple times around
between each chain.

5. Measure the bracelet as you go.

The bead at the end will take up
approximately 1/2, so allow for this in
figuring the total length.
6. When youve reached the last link
of chain needed, wrap the thread
multiple times around, then wrap the
thread around just the cord a few
7. Tie the two cord strands and thread
into a knot.
8. Thread the bead onto the cord and
tie another knot. Trim the cords and