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Topic Proposal

The issue I would like to address regarding this research project is that of the complete
sexualization of the masses is recent years as appose to the events in the past that have evidently
led to the moments in everyday society. Whether it be the feminist movement or just daily life
we have all been affected by the events that have led to the over sexualized society that we live
in today, which has ultimately desensitized of ideology of beauty, idealism and the embodiment
of empowerment that has come about in modern times. This overall research will help explain
certain aspects as studies that have brought us to this point such as the exploitation of children,
sexual innuendos, the rise of the playboy empire, feminist movements, the exploitation of
physically perfect men, and the exploitation of celebrities and musicians in certain industries.
The inspiration for this topic came from the constant bombardment that I face based on
ideological fallacies of physical beauty and empowerment looks like and how it is thrown in my
face even as I wait for class listening to people talk about others when the room is so quiet you
can here every word they say. This is because our physical image of people has become so
distorted its hard to figure out the exact standards society holds on common decency as human
beings as oppose to previous thinking.
The sources that I have chosen for this topic are every diverse in nature so that more than
one issue can dilute that stagnant flow of feminist views that have recently erupted can be greatly
broaden with the introduction of other imagery that has also befallen men in society. There are
no other sources that I need to find as the various ones I have both contradict and empower one
another in a way that the flow of information may go either direction I wish to take this paper.
Some of the articles illustrate the role of the feminist movement and the recent involvement of
both influences on children and within society as to how the empowerment of women looks now

a day and how that image is affecting future generations. Then some of the articles express the
unrealistic portrayal if the ideal man is society which has also caused mentality issues with
average men just the same as the studies regarding women that are usually the center of every
beauty issue. Then other express the issues regarding empires such as playboy, porn industries,
and on Rolling Stone Magazine, who either help explode the sexual society or help fuel it in this
day and age with its constant sexual images as cover art.
I have no further questions regarding this project.