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Vedic Astrology by

K.S. Krishnamurti

K.S. Krishnamurti carried the titles of Sothida Mannan, Jyotish Marthand. He lived
from 1908 to 1972. He became famous for his invention of the Padhdhati system of
rulers & sub-rulers, which (if I've understood things correctly) goes a bit like this:
For every sign there is a ruling lord, one of the five planets, plus sun & moon, Rahu
& Ketu. Krishnamurti uses his own sign rulerships. Each of the signs are, in their
turn, divided into 9 unequal parts, in the same proportions as the 120 year
Vimshottari dasa system. Each of these parts is ruled by one of the five planets,
plus sun, moon, Rahu & Ketu, in much the same fashion as the Vimshottari dasas
they are based on. These small parts are collectively known as "subs", their rulers
are the sub