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Interpersonal Relations

Introduction to the company and top
management team.
Glimpse at the case.
Problem identification.
Useful suggestions.


Vikas Pvt. Ltd.

Vikas Pvt Ltd, an engineering firm with 50 plus
years of esteemed value to anchor its place in the
competitive Indian market.
The organization attained respectable heights in the
field of spares & equipment required by the
Transport & Engineering industry in a reasonable
course of 10 years which later proved to be just
another milestone as it scaled to become quite a
keen market player with assets of around Rs 200
Crore & a total employment of over 10,000 till the
year 1960.

With effect to April 1, 1974 the top management

decided to finally introduce decentralised
administration as a solution to the companys
intensifying management crisis.

Top management
Mr. Vasudeva, Chief Executive of Division
Mechanical Engineering
Mr. Keshav, Works Manager.
Mr. Hanuman, Foreman.

Glimpsed at the case

The case consist of the interpersonal relations between the
employees, more precisely between those at higher standing
with the ones on the lower positions.
Mr. Vasudeva, Chief Executive of Division Mechanical
Engineering, a Mech. Engineer & MBA Alumnus of Harvard
University, Mr.Hanuman, the respectable foreman & Mr.
Keshav, the newly inducted Works Manager. These people
handled workplace challenges distinctly & thus making use of
their characteristic qualities, justified their decisiveness. Mr.
Vasudeva known for his honesty, integrity & leadership was a
brilliant engineer & an asset to the company in terms of his
managerial skills. Mr. Hanuman, an ordinary helper once,
now had grown to become the foreman in the span of 10 years
only by the virtue of honesty, simplicity & hard-work.