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Practice of Brahmacharya

Practice of Brahmacharya

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Published by Divine Life Society
Deals with the subject of celibacy, sex and sex sublimation.
Deals with the subject of celibacy, sex and sex sublimation.

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Published by: Divine Life Society on Jan 05, 2010
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One should try to get Viveka or discrimination between the real Self and the unreal
impure body. The aspirant should point out to the mind the defects of a sexual life, namely, loss
of energy, enervation of the senses, disease, birth and death, attachment and various sorts of
miseries. He should remind himself again and again about the parts of the body of woman—
flesh, blood, bone, excreta, urine, pus and phlegm. These ideas should be hammered into the
mind repeatedly. The aspirant should always think of the ever-pure immortal Atman and the
glory of the spiritual life, namely, the attainment of immortality, eternal bliss and supreme peace.
Gradually the mind will be weaned from looking at a woman, however beautiful she might be.
The mind will shudder to look at a woman with an evil thought. Ladies also should undergo the
above practices to get themselves established in purity.

A Viveki does not note any difference between a male and a female. The same Tattvas—
passion, anger, greed and Moha—that are present in a man are found in the female also. It is
only a lustful man who is filled with burning passion that finds imaginary differences. The
differences are all mental creations or Kalpita Bheda.

Nothing can tempt you in this world if you develop Vairagya, if you subdue your Indriyas,
and if you shun the unreal, impermanent sensual enjoyments and pleasures of this fleeting world
as dung, as poison. You will have no attraction for women and other earthly objects. Lust will
be unable to take hold of you. You will have eternal peace and infinite bliss.

Constantly remember:“Through the grace of God, I am becoming purer and purer, every
day. Pleasures come but not to stay. Mortal flesh is only clay. Everything will pass away.
Brahmacharya is the only way.” Develop Viveka and Vairagya.



Aspirants should study Bhartrihari’s “Vairagya Satakam” and other works on Vairagya.
This will induce Vairagya in the mind. Remembrance of death and the pains of Samsara also
will help you to a considerable extent. It will not be out of place here to draw the reader’s
attention to some Buddhist monks who always keep a human skull with them. This is to cause
Vairagya in them and to remind them of the impermanent and perishable nature of human life.

A philosopher once kept in his hands the skull of a lady and began to philosophize thus:
“O skull! Some time back you tempted me with your shiny skin and rosy cheeks. Now, where
are thy charms? Where are those honeyed lips and lotus-like eyes now?” Thus he developed
intense Vairagya. If you analyze the different parts of the human body and keep a picture of flesh
and bones before your mind’s eye, you will have no attachment at all for your body or the body
of a female. Why not try this method?

Remembrance of the skeleton and the dead body of a woman will induce Vairagya in
your mind. The body has come out of the filthy discharge. It is full of impurities. In the end, it
is reduced to ashes. If you remember this, Vairagya will dawn in your mind. Attraction for
women will gradually vanish. If you place before your mind the sickly figure of a woman or the
picture of a very old woman, you will develop Vairagya. Remember the pains of Samsara, the
unreality of objects, and the bondage that comes from attachment to wife and children. Try any
method that suits you best.

Sit down and think, calmly and honestly, what beauty there is in a woman whose body is
composed of flesh, bones, nerves, fat, marrow and blood. Where is the beauty in the same
woman when she becomes old? Look at the condition of the eyes and the body of a woman after
an attack of fever for seven days! What is the state of her beauty? Where is the beauty if she
does not take bath for a week? The stink is abominable. Look at the senile woman aged eighty
five who is sitting at the corner, with rotten eyes, shrunken cheeks and skin! Analyze the parts of
a woman, realize their true nature.

Woman is the greatest cause of delusion. Women are the flames of vice. They are
burning fire, which destroys man like a dry straw. They burn from a long distance; so they are
more dangerous than fire. The lovely damsel is like a poisonous drug that destroys life by
causing lustful intoxication and clouding the power of discrimination. This mysterious world
began with woman and has woman for its sustenance. How, without renunciation of woman, is it
possible to attain the eternal bliss of Brahman? The bodies of those handsome damsels who are
so much fondled by foolish men are taken to the cemetery after their Pranas depart. Beasts and
worms feed upon their flesh. Jackals and kites tear off their skin. Without renunciation of
woman, it is impossible to have Self-realization.

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