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Energy Efficient India

Energy Efficient India

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Demoostration of India'e Energy power
Demoostration of India'e Energy power

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Published by: horizon8586 on Jan 05, 2010
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Energy Efficient

Presented to: Ms. Swati Patel
Presented by:
Dt: 26/12/2009

B-4 Mitesh Bhatt B-14 Amit Gurav B-24 Gaurav

B-34 Bankim Parmar B-44 Santosh B-54 Dhara Tamhane

Present Status of India
the twelfth • The economy of India is largest economy in the world • It has the world's second largest labour force • The index of industrial production has gone up from 7.9 in 1950-51 to 154.7 in 1999-2000 • Electricity generation went up from 5.1 billion Kwh to 480.7 billion Kwh in the same period. • Production of Commercial Energy has increased by 370% in last 50 years.

Main Factors of India’s development

Agriculture Industrialization

IT Revolution



“Energy is the driving force in all of the above factors”

Thermal Energy

Solar Energy

Hydral Energy

Nuclear Energy

Wind Energy

Tidal Energy

India’s Energy Sources

India’s Energy Consumption

Why energy efficiency is required?
• To deliver a sustained economic growth rate of 8% to 9% till 2031-32so that the life time energy needs of all citizens will be satisfied. • For that, India needs to increase its primary energy supply by 3 to 4 times and electricity generation capacity about 6 times. • As a result energy service demand growth rates will keep on increasing because of accelerated industrialization, urbanization, and an emerging consumer society.

Why India is not able to achieve 100% efficiency…??
• Lack of Energy management system • Inappropriate Safety Measures. • Corruption • Lack of Advanced Technology.

“Conserving energy is our collective responsibility for a better tomorrow.”

14th December: National energy conservation day
• The Union Power Minister, Shri Sushilkumar Shinde addressing at the National Energy Conservation Day function, in New Delhi on December 14, 2009. • National energy awards winners of year 2009 were declared on that day. • Western Railway won award for efficient use of energy.

Schemes for Promoting Energy Efficiency in India during 2007-2012 by govt. of India
1)Bachat Lamp Yojana
To promote energy efficient and high quality CFLs as replacement for incandescent bulbs in households.

2)Standards Scheme



It targets high energy end use equipments and appliances to lay down minimum energy

Schemes. Cont…
3)Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC) That sets minimum energy performance standards for new commercial buildings. 4) Energy Efficiency in Small and Medium Enterprises(SMEs) Scheme. The proposal seeks to promote Energy Efficiency in SMEs during the XI plan. Many energy-intensive SMEs clusters located in various states of the country have large potential for energy savings.

Energy efficient building of IIT Kapur

  Oil Natural Gas (barrels /day) (cubic feet) Coal (tons) 528.5 million 578.6 million 91.34% Productio 880,000 barrels 1,119 billion n Consumpt ion Efficiency 2.8 million barrels 31.43% 1,473 billion


What should we do..???


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